If young Tommy won the lottery...

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by g2_loony_bin, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. ...what would happen?

    Is it true that a commission is offered and should he not take it he is booted out?

    Just general knowledge by the way...

    ...I've not won the lottery. :(
  2. i won a tenner and didn't get offered any of the sort

    'wait there taxi, just getting me coat'
  3. I'd have thought a chit would go in and the mob would see the light and let the lucky tw+t go

    Once Tom has spunked it all on fast cars, loose women and ridiculous houses he should be allowed to rejoin
  4. I,m not sure what would happen now but there was a tom at 3div in the mid 80's that won a readers digest prize draw (yes they do actually have winners) and he was offered a commision or asked to resign. Guess what he did?
  5. No on both counts. One of the lads in my company won the pools and went round telling the RSM/CSMs to ram it as he was rich and was going to leave. This he did and spent the next 8 months blowing his cash in a haze of booze and loose women. Almost a year to the day after he left he rejoined as he had blown the lot and missed his muckers. He was back into his old platoon with no problems except that the RSM and CSMs who he had so roundly abused the year before were still in place! :lol:
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Is this true: You can be a joe, but if you win a load of dosh, you can get a commission!?!?! Am I being thick?
  7. 3 of my mates won the lottery £38000 each 3 months after I left the syndicate!!!!! They were given 2 months non paid leave to decide what they wanted to do. They most definately did not get offered their commission.
  8. I think we're talking millions here.
  9. Is there a 0 missing there Ewan ? Agreed about the commission, someone has been reading too many history books.
  10. There is a duty rumour that ORs are not allowed to have more money than their commanding officer thus commissions are offered to lottery winners etc. It is, of course, balls although the military may be tempted to offer you early release on the grounds that as a millionaire you may be less motivated to follow orders, go to Iraq and so forth.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Can one of means still purchase a commission? One might be inclined to dispose of some of the family silver if one is able to gain a Regiment, warfighting for the use of, what?
  12. The official answer is No..the unofficial answer is ermmm...how much have you got exactly? Or in my Corps..which country does your Daddy own ?
  13. If you have enough interest my dear chap you could petition the Queen to raise one of your own.

    How does the Earl of Biped's Regiment of Foot sound?
  14. On the other hand you could just buy a few miniguns for the sangers and make things a lil bit more fun.
  15. Lets get a couple of things straight;

    No-one gets offered a commission. That is a complete falacy. The only way you get a commision from the ranks is to be recommended and then apply. Anyone who tells you diffferent is a walt or have their facts muddled.

    You cannot be booted out if you won the lottery or came into money. Your employment in the Army or any other arm is not means tested. If you were a multi millionaire and were able to do your job and not fail the service test then there is no recourse. Getting rid of you for coming into money is unfair dismissal. All this twaddle about not being able to earn more than the CO is complete rubbish.