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For those who have access to it, PoD has just circulated a personal note on the ALI inspection of British Army training methods.

I think it is worth putting this extract where those who do not have access can read what he says:


1. I have no doubt as to the value of the ATRA’s work. Its professionalism, drive, enthusiasm and dedication are not in doubt. Our achievements at home and on operations is ample proof that we are training soldiers who can, and do, enable the Army to succeed. I have no doubt that robust and focused training is an essential part of preparing soldiers for the unique demands of Army life – particularly the operational demands. I am also clear that the ATRA's output has a direct impact on the continued operational effectiveness and success of the Army.

2. I applaud the ATRA’s patience, commitment and determination, in the face of what, at times, has been personal and vitriolic media coverage. This is how we must continue. We should remain tolerant of the media and the accusations that will follow these reports. We must remain focused on the job at hand – training soldiers. I know that it is not always easy to accept criticism, and we don’t necessarily have to agree with it to make progress. However, it is essential that we keep an open mind. We must judge these reports dispassionately and identify change where change is needed and where it enhances our work. Let us now take the time and the opportunity to reflect on these reports and identify what they mean for the Army.

The problem with 'cascade briefing' is that , in my experience, those of us at the bottom of the waterfall seem to always end up with an eyeful of crap....

We can all be cynical about stuff like this , but at least CGS has taken the time to put it out - whether you get to see it in hard copy with his chop appended is down to how well the IC works !

Anyway, FWIW.

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