If you were stuck in Richmond on Sunday with the Doris and you were not in the mood ?


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Yeah, dont ask. One finds oneself in Richmond with a few hours to kill between lunchtime and tea time this Sunday. We will have had 'breakfast' so will be stuffed with scran so you may stick Ye Olde Henry Tudor Sunday Lunche. And we wont have time to do Hampton Court or Kew. I'm thinking a walk up the river or poodle about in the park? But it has been a while since I have been around Richmond.

Any advice welcome.
Get to the park with a few sarnies and beers and let her feed the deer, she'll be foaming at the gash in no time. Or just head down the White Cross Pub on the river and get smashed. The choice is yours.


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You could go and see this.
I wish I had checked in sooner and asked where that was.

Me. "We shall visit Princess Diana's grave"

Her. "But I thought that was in Northamptonshire. In a lake. Like The Lady of Avalon?"

Me. "Nah. You have been misinformed. It is just up past this layby. Trust me".

As it was, boat from Westminister pier to Kew. Poodle along the river bank to Richmond. A shite meal in that boozer by the river. Peer at the river and some ducks. Stroll back. Boat back to Westminister and into that boozer opposite Big Ben for Fullers London Pride then home in time for tea.

Tell you what it is? ******* cyclists on the towpath? **** the **** off you ******* cycling *****. Other than that, a lovely day and thank you for your advice.

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