If YOU were Prime Minister

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Brew_Time, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. So then, if you were Prime Minister what changes would you make to how Britain is run.

    Lets start with rounding up all the immigrants and putting them down the stop butts - with a belt of 200 load - ready - in your own time go on.

    BT. :D
  2. I always thought making immigrants serve in our forces in return for citizenship was reasonable.
  3. That is wrong on so many levels.
    From a forces point of view, a certain percentage will not want to be there. They will drag the side down and it will reflect badly on the professionals. This is just one step away from conscription and we sure as hell don't want that.

    Personally, the idea of putting a weapon in the hands of some immigrants scares the hell out of me and I daresay any rangewardens wouldn't like the idea either.
  4. If I was PM you'd need a wall the size of Hadrian's built to line the fcukers up against it that I'd have shot!

    MPs (I want to be dictator)
    MoD civil servants (less those that had served HM Forces)
    Kit contractors
    Pizza delivery moped riders
    Fat birds
    Fat birds' ugly skiny mates
    The Met above the rank of Sgt
    Drs receptionists
    London minicab drivers
    The cnut who updates the maps for tomtom - you don't do it fast enough cnut!
    Estate agents
    People who write txt stylii on forums
    The mods who remove 'Iran' threads
    Dikes who won't let you watch

    God, so many bullets to fire, soooooo little time!
  5. I would:

    Tax fatties by the pound.
    Limit sprog production to 2 per bird - excess sproggage incurs added tax.
    Immigrants don't get in unless they can speak English and are capable of working.
    Have Prisoners running on giant hamster wheels as a new environmentally friendly way of generating electricity until they have generated enough power to repay their debt to society (either that or until they have slipped off this mortal coil, whereby their bodies will be burned as fossil fuels).
    Put dole/benefits scroungers in chain gangs.
    Make political correctness an offence.
    Stop this speed camera bollocks and turn the motorways into proper Autobahns.
    Legalise prostitution and set up red light districts in each major city.
    Bring back the pistol licence and the right to defend your property and yourself against cnuts.
    Let the Police brass-up any of these "hardmen" who think it's clever to go around stabbing or shooting people.
    Kick our nancy-boy, celeb-worshipping culture in the fcuking arrse - starting with capping footballers wages at £75k a year!
    Have Pete Doherty sentenced to death by firing squad for being a waste of a skin.

    Vote me in boyos!
  6. I don't need to be Prime Minister. I'm a Freemason, so he does what I tell him in any case.

    So it said on a website I visited.
  7. You got my vote - Viva La Presidente, Viva La ScaleyFins!!!
  8. I've got an appointment with a Pakistani hospital consultant later this week (old age doesn't come alone don't you know). Could you wait until he has cured me before dispatching him to the wrong end of the firing range?
  9. What so they can learn all our tactics and use our equipment then use it against us - NO thanks.

    You've only got to see what letting them live in the Uk can do - remember 07/07, without training the cnuts as well. Get all the Asian / Muslim fckrs out the Forces.

    BT. :x
  10. Despatch ALL benefit migrants to the working end of the range as moving targets by all means
    Having worked with economic migrants (Poles, Latvians.Lithuanians,Russians,Slovaks and Greeks)
    All want to be here to WORK, not sponge off the state
    Also despatch anyone who thinks that mass sprog production is the way to stay on benefits for life and have the state pay for her and her 15 kids to live.
    Do all this and i'll think about registering to vote
  11. Secure the entry points to the UK and introduce an Oz style immigration process - if you have money to support you and yours whilst your here or if you'll benefit the UK in some way come in. If your a lowlife who wants to come in and sponge of the rest of us fcuk off!!
  12. first u need to get rid of the lords 2 vote the pm into office and not the party so its a proper democracy 3 get a vote on everything from your local chief constable to who is incharge of your dust bin collection, referendum any major changes in law and british policy. god could go on forever uk politics is so fcuked up on so many levels
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I'll vote for that.
  14. Good points mate, however, before we stop immigrants getting in - lets get the fkrs that are in - OUT.

    BT. :)
  15. Scaley, you've got my vote.

    However, can I add a few ideas?
    Ban gwar's!!
    Outlaw 'reality TV' and place every single fcuking loser who has ever appeared on it in a cage.
    Rearrange the working week to remove Monday mornings. Even if it's just a name change.
    Make people who have baggy jeans PULL THEM UP!!!