If you were Prime Minister

You've woken up after a heavy night on the beer to find that durring the previous nights antics, the world has gone mad and you're now Prime Minister for 24 hrs, you can introduce 3 Laws, what would they be and why?? :twisted: :evil:
1: Pass a law making the Prime Minister dictator for life with unlimited powers.
2: Pass a law making it treason to disagree with the Prime Minister. At all. Or to even contemplate killing him, injuring him or otherwise attempting to remove him from power. Death penalty for breaching it, of course :)
3: Outlaw chavs.
1) No professional politicians - every MP would be "conscripted" a la jury service and would serve three years, six months of which would be "training" in legislation, defence realities, economics et cetera.

2)Criminals would be sent to the National Retraining and Resettlement Centre on Gigha. Curiously the return boat would always be empty but productivity of mail-bags and car number plates would be up by 8000%

3)Using Max Clifford to become "famous" would be considered a prevalent offence and punished accordingly (see 2)

Good-oh. Right that's me off to the House of Lords for a well deserved lunch, claret-a-thon and snooze...
Pass a law that gave me unlimited power to pass as many laws as I wanted without question.

Why pass 3 when you can pass an unlimited amounts and be THE ALL POWERFUL SUPREME LEADER MWAHA!
1. Leave Europe

2. Disband the Crabs

3. Assume powers of a Dictator.

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