If you were a car...

Okay all time for a completly pointless and ultimately bizarre thread from the deepest recesses of the twistwed mind of NETLEY NED. Yes plunge the depths of the unplunged and ask yourself "If I were a car, what would I be?"

Me I'd be an Alvis TD21...


How about this? Fecking Nails.

I'd be a knackered old Series II Land Rover which, when filled with the appropriate coolant, thinks it is a concourse condition MGB-GT.

The Peel 50!!!

Id be this, i suffer from chronic farts and i like to cover myself in stickers.
Not so much a car, more a car part, Rover SD1 3500 Fuel Pump
'coz my Bugger kept giving up the Ghost!
An Aston Martin DB9 in British Racing Green.
Wow, this Guy is really switched on, tell me, YIB, do you
know the difference between a Prick and a Cnut?
A clapped out old skoda with bits falling off, and in severe need of an MOT.....

Edit: and the occasional fuel leak....

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