If you were a car...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by netleyned, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Okay all time for a completly pointless and ultimately bizarre thread from the deepest recesses of the twistwed mind of NETLEY NED. Yes plunge the depths of the unplunged and ask yourself "If I were a car, what would I be?"

    Me I'd be an Alvis TD21...

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  2. On bricks.
  3. How about this? Fecking Nails.

  4. A Le Clerc?
  5. Correct, you buy them from any E.LeClerc supermarket!!
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  6. No one who hasn't been to Brittany will get that!
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  7. I'd be a knackered old Series II Land Rover which, when filled with the appropriate coolant, thinks it is a concourse condition MGB-GT.
  8. HHH

    HHH LE


    The Peel 50!!!
  9. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Rover 2000.

    Long, quite comfortable, but sadly underpowered and very likely to leave skid marks in the wet.
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  10. rover.jpg

    Id be this, i suffer from chronic farts and i like to cover myself in stickers.
  11. One for Jarrod:


    Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan. It has rear entry.

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  12. A Robin Reliant in yellow
  13. Not so much a car, more a car part, Rover SD1 3500 Fuel Pump
    'coz my Bugger kept giving up the Ghost!