If you wanted to go to the Gulf, but weren't asked



Doesn't aiding an enemy in time of war constitute treason?  ALC views welcome, personally if the stupid Knuts want to die in the cause of a tyrant then we should be only too willing to oblige them.
We know who these traitors are from their immigration records. I think that if they are stupid enough to go and live to return that their passports should be confiscated when the arrive back in the UK and that they should then be put on a flight straight back to spend the rest of their useless, hairy, kaftan-wearing, liberal, worthless lives in the country they helped try and defend.
I fear the iraqis may be a little suspicous if instead of the bunch of pasty hippy-types they are expecting they get a bunch of squaddies "volunteering" to stand around outside valuble military intallations.

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