If you thought some of ARRSEpedias topics were bad....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Squiggers, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Think again.

    So far gone past the line of political correctness, it makes Flash look saintly.


    To be honest, i didn't know whether to cringe or roar with laughter at some of it...

    Warning: Some geek humor involved... Minus the geek humor, i think it would be far more entertaining.
  2. I'm suprised at the no comments... I was expecting at least a small amount of abuse from someone.... :lol:
  3. Shush...

    We're too busy going through that site to reply....

  4. You're a cnut.

    Happy now??? :wink:

    On an aside, nice pop up ads, I never knew there were so many Babes in the Shot 8O
  5. Yup, thats put my mind at rest mate. :wink:

    And yeah, i was suprised at the number in Sheffield... Ye gods... Better get hunting... :twisted:
  6. I am in the unfortunate position that I have wasted a precious three minutes of my life trawling through some incoherant blige.

    "I can haz" what by all that is holy is this alien language?

    If someone could precis the whole debacle and let me have the pertinent information I would be grateful.
  7. Christ, i hadn't read that one... A tad O.T.T that methinks...

    And the "I Can Haz" = internet retard, or bad translation.

    Generally, stupid internet memes such as that are something to do with someone generally being an absolute mong.

    Some of the other stuff amused me at any rate, apart from more... disturbing items, such as Madeleine McCann. :evil:
  8. I did like this one though,

  9. aaaah well, never mind eeeh.

    scpessail plebsite for those having difficulty removing MDN from thier mouth.
  10. That, my friends, is the encyclopaedia of the darkest part of the internet. Where you can and will find everything from child porn to darth vader porn to raiding habbo hotel at midday to kids shouting out about shooting up their schools.

  11. Boo hoo

  12. Well, i didn't much... But some of the film names did...

    Kiddie-fiddler on the roof was the man one... :twisted:

    Hmm, isn't that CDT's Profile pic...? Which silly sod let Purple Aki into the forces...? :wink: