If you thought skat was bad… (THIS IS NOT WORK SAFE)



Fang_Farrier said:
For those of us at work and can't open it you'll have to give a quick summary!
That would spoil the surprise :D
This is something you really have to see before you can truly apreshate the pure depravity of the Japs :twisted:
Oh my sweet jesus when will I learn!!! I couldn't watch all of it!!!

*going to vomit now!

Goku how on earth did you find this, you big bad sicko!! :lol:
I watched, I coughed, I retched. Feck me with a Trident that was indeed quite nasty.

Obviously I blew my DNA but it was still nasty.

Edited to say: No wonder an atom bomb was dropped on them :D
Its funny how i knew what the vid was going to be just from your warnings!
I was a little surprised when i first saw it, but this is the land that eat raw fish and live squid, perhaps the gentleman would like to dive head first into a thunderbox for dessert..................?

But 129420 people had logged on to watch it (when I looked) and in that bizarre Jap manner, you can watch that but they fuzz out her cnut 8O 8O

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