If you thought rap music was bad...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cheesypoptart, Oct 21, 2005.

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  1. They appear to be jail bait.
  2. Well everyone is entitled to there own political views otherwise we might as well be sheep.
  3. C'mon kid, all I wanna know is if you think those chicks are hot!!!

    Back to work. Baah, baah, baah...
  4. "We're proud of being white..........we want to keep being white..."

    Nobody told me that I could change my mind later on if I wasn't happy.
  5. I don't believe in their political views, but you do have to ask, why is this reported as news when there are plenty of 'black' rap artists preaching murder, whoring murder, gun crime and calling each other 'Ni**ers'? They say it's part of their culture. Many other people say it's offensive.

    Two cute girls have been brought up to believe in their mother's polotics and want to sing about it..... where's the problem? If it's krap or people don't want to listen they don't have to go to their performances or they can turn off. Just as everyone who finds some 'Gangsta Rap' offensive can do the same. Any other way of looking at it will mean that you have to apply unfair 'racist' rules in order to allow black culture, but deny white culture, no matter how extream that seems.

    It's supposed to be equality isn't it?
  6. Michael Jackson changed his mind :D
  7. This is their parents, the peers they're exposed to and to a point the media (music and web-site) views, the girls are just following their lead. So tell me if that's not a metaphor for sheep what is? It's such a sad fact that nowadays more and more people are exploiting the innocence and vulnerability of youth to breed a generation based on the ideals, of course this is an extreme version of this, but you only have to look around you to see how quickly kids are 'maturing' at an alarming rate compared to even 15 years ago. An arguement for this is surely that parents are now viewing their children as trainees and are treating them accordingly with pressure on the children to understand and express views (the parents or guardians views).

    "Eleven and 12 years old," he said, "I think that's the perfect age to start grooming kids and instill in them a strong racial identity."

    This is an example of just that, it's not so much the message they have that I find worrying (although I strongly disagree with it) it's the fact that it shows just how accepted this exploitation of the young minds is. Instead of seeing the message as the major fault we should be investigating how the message is being not only produced, but given too, because grooming as we've seen in many cultures is a dangerous and successful degree of propaganda.
  8. Fair one......gerrit! fair one?????
  9. These two charming young children appeared on "The weird world of Louis Theroux". Charming until they opened their gobs! The mother has connections with neo-nazi's, KKK, etc. If your any other colour other then white, or Jewish or Muslim, these little urchins will sing a song about how much they would love to see your slow and suffering destruction. All with pretty smiles and bow-tied dresses! Cute, I think not.
  10. sorry not there fault but mom and pop think its clever to wave swatiskis about
    the old fashioned response is gun group 300 yards enemy rapid fire
  11. Hmm. Bakersfield. Such a thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis. The very model of the best that Western civilization has to offer.

    By the time they hit 17 their pimp, a 6'7" black guy, will be kicking their back doors in on a daily basis by way of payment for the rock he's supplying to them. I hope.

    In reality, expect them to be singing at Jenna Bush's inauguration in 2025.
  12. crabtastic :lol: . Des Moines must have been a little too upscale for this family.

    Yeah, good luck with that.