If you think the UK is PC paranoid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Alsacien, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator


    NDR said Eva Herman [a rather fit German], 48, was fired after confirming quotes printed by the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

    She said "values like the family, children and motherhood, which were promoted in the Third Reich too, were later scrapped by the 68ers".

    Clearly a raving Nazi......

    Sounds very similar to the mutterings of the Tories of late.
  2. Dont know about the rest of it but I wonder if she takes it up the Yul Brinner like the typical older German woman with blonde hair.
  3. Saying anything that supports anything that the Nazis did is normally career suicide in Germany (I wonder why?)

    There are of course some exceptions.
  4. Back in the late 80's I got torn to shreds by a college lecturer for suggesting that Adolf Hitler was an effective politician. I'd thought it was stating the bleeding obvious.

    In fact as i recall the "debate" went something like:

    Student A: Well whatever you say about Thatcher she's an effective politician.
    Ex STAB: Well Adolf hitler was an effective politician, so what?
    Beardy, sandal wearing lecturer: How can you possibly say that?
    Ex STAB: Of course he was an effective politician, he took Germany from being a economic basket case and persuaded all of the country to follow him to invading most of europe.
    Beardy, sandal wearing lecturer: I can't believe I'm hearing this. Rant Grumble, etc etc.

    Never got a decent mark off him again!
  5. Some 'lecturers' seem to come with built-in denial of the bleeding obvious. I had one who took great exception to my proposal that Gerry Adams, Ian Paisley and the NI SoS of the time (forget who it was) all had shared qualities of leadership (I was arguing for the 'situational' aspects of it all, I think). She refused to accept that Paisley was anything but a (long series of abusive adjectives and nouns followed).

    That, of course, is exactly what Political Correctness is all about; intolerance of any view other than the Approved one.
  6. I'd go as far as to say that old Adolph was a highly skilled and effective leader and his ability to lead and motivate was second to none.

    That having been said, it has no correlation to what he was leading people to do whatsoever and it's only small, and often closed, minded people who cannot separate the two different aspects of him.
  7. We have already agreed that Hiltler & Chums had ideas (albeit non-PC) that would remove many of our social woes, and the Hun bint's statement was just a pasteurised version of them.
  8. Fraulein Herman the German


    Definitely a candidate for the Mutterkreuz mit oak leaves and diamonds.
  9. CNN reported today.

    German chat show host sacked for suggesting Herr Schicklegrubber's policy on mothers was reasonable and showed a lot of sense.

    Disregarding aforesaid Adolf's other indiscretions, does she have a point or is it another example of PC and EU suppression of free speech?

    Bit hazy on this but I think she was refering to support given to mothers at that time, ( I believe the Nazis even presented medals to fecund Moms producing more than the norm of little Ayran Storm Trooper fodder)

    Given the demographics of the German populace , is she thinking ahead or just plain .....German? 8O :roll:
  10. she is a gobby dog ,,,shes promoting a ,,new ,, book,, thats the reason they sacked her...
  11. Absolutely, the German Mothers Award, given to those bearing several children during WW2.

    More details HERE
  12. ´
    I'd still give her one,she's a bit fit,well she was on telly.
  13. That is quite possibly the best defination of PC that I have ever heard.
    Well done that man. Like your style.
  14. :? :? She was only speaking the truth, und es ist hochste Zeit. :lol: :lol:
  15. There's no doubt that to save the future of Western civilization we all need to have at least four screaming, expensive and tiresome kids. Well, b*llocks to that idea.