If you made a t!t of yourself in a post.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by CheekieNorthernMonkie, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. .... would you own up?

    ARRSErs, the question before the membership is this:

    If one made a t!t of oneself by spouting bo11ox* (heartfelt bo11ox perhaps, but bo11ox all the same) in a thread that was later shown by numerous other ARRSErs to be inaccurate would you:

    a) Fess up you got it wrong and move on

    b) Squeal like a piggy before doing an ostrich

    c) Run and hide and not address the subject whilst contributing to other threads

    d) None of the above (please supply course of action taken)

    e) Don't know

    On behalf of all of those who correctly know regimental/corps seniority in our beloved British Army, I thank you for your indulgence

    * An example of which is thus:

    "Grenadier Guards,senior regiment of the British army,not the oldest,not the most VC's, but grenadiers stand the right of line on parade,not the RA or any other mob, The queens company are the Queens personal troops,so that makes them the senior company,.House hold cav have a similar clame to be the Queens personnal troops but H.M Queens refers to the Grens as "HER GRENADIERS" NOT HER ROTAL SCOTS OR HER RA OR HER ANYTHING ELSE.
    This topic will go on and on im sure age is not an issue,the senior reg stands right of line ,and thats where the grens stand. lets get a few things right here then ,signals, art,RE and rac can not stand right of line because they dont dont parade do they, i dont know what parades/services you may of done but none of the others stand right of line.
    the last time i looked i didnt see the london tourist board in places like XMG, bos,kos,gulf, to name but a few,if you dont know where XMG is ask one of the other fine regiments and you may get educated. just read my post and it dont make sense ,right,RAC do not parade as they only exsist on paper and at bovy,R sigs,arty and RE do not stand right of line,i should know ive done Tri service parades and muliti regimental parades,and not only did i do ceremonial i also saw active service,so.... stop quoting red book nonsense"
  2. Do a bit more research next time and get on with it
    Possibly good advice for the UK plod?
  3. Are you saying that you've made a tit of yourself by publishing the last part of your post?

    And if so, are you asking for advice on what to do next? ;)
  4. Unfortunatly, I can't claim to be the author of that particular bit of bo11ox, it was merely used as an example - I should have credited the author, but there are so few mess weberly's and so many voluteers to had them to the author!
  5. This fess up is always the best solution in 9/10 situations... make a mistake bite the bullet!
  6. There's always the option of claiming that someone's hijacked your username.

    There's less feeling of guilt because the people you're talking to aren't real people and there's little chance that many ARRSErs know who you are. So, although you have a potential audience of millions, you're unlikely to have people sniggering at you in real life.

    You could also "identify" the ARRSEr who "gave" you the duff info in the first place. Watch an innocent squirm as they take your flak! :twisted:
  7. So that would be d if you were not the offending author of bo11ox then I suppose.
  8. I started a thread just after moving to Aldershot saying that I was glad the Brigade had moved out. After "input" from Arrsers and a few weeks of cutting about the town, I came to the opinion that I was wrong and was infact talking out my Dung Trumpet. I came back on and admiited the fact.

    Honesty is the best policy.
  9. No, you just say that you were passing on somebody else's views (though they were really your own). If you frame somebody who has just gone on leave, you're home clear!
  10. I never considered dishonesty, still falls into d as it's none of the above and you have supplied an alternative course toa, b and c :lol:
  11. Sorry. :oops: I actually mis-read your previous post and gave a response to what I thought you wrote. Your latest post made me realise that there wasn't a typo in there after all. So, yes, the response was a "d" and this one is an "a."
  12. Spoken like a gentleman and a scholar! I wish the author of the example had the moral courage of your good self..........
  13. I would wait for everyone to reply, slagging me off! then have a laugh..Hit the edit button & ask them all what the hell they are talking about! lmao!

    *I might have to do that in 5 mins myself!
  14. Hence the reason why people use quotes. :D
  15. a - been there, done that, ate the humble pie!