If you have young children - please read this...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jsi49, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. This really doesn't interest me as a parent. Thankfully, my children are all grown and it doesn't apply to them. I only started to read the report out of typical Sunday boredom but what I read has shocked and worried me. This report in the Mail today, must be read by any parent with chidren under 19;

    "Has your child been CAFed? How the Government plans to record intimate information on every child in Britain."

    I know this is in the Mail - a newspaper renowned for 'scare-mongering' but in this instance, I should ask; "Can you afford to ignore this warning?" Read the report and make up your own mind!
  2. Shame what could have been a genuine well balanced article had to include silly remarks like this:

    One can only wonder how many Pervy Petes within childcare today will relish being actively invited to ask children about their sexual behaviour

    Why? One reason is simply to control people. Many of today’s New Labour MPs are ex-Marxists and radical feminists who still believe that the family poses the greatest potential opposition to the strong State.

    Pervy Petes ............just sounds childish and made me switch off

  3. True. They're a bunch of socialist control freaks. I sometimes wonder whether the Communist Party has infiltrated this government to the highest level. Seems that they couldn't **** this country up more if they tried.
  4. Another story to frighten the horses before breakfast...

    ...although Margaret Hodge's upper plate could do the same! 8O
  5. There are no lengths to which this dreadful Marxist government will not go in order to control everyone's lives. Brown is a 'control freak' of the highest order and I find it hard to understand why he has not yet been 'fragged' by one of own.

    Hodge is one of the 'Hateful Hs' - Harman, Hewitt, Hain, Hoon and the bovine, serially incompetent Hodge herself. After this woman's 'performances' in Islington I am astonished that she is elected as anything other than a trainee lavatory attendent and as for allowing her have any influence over the nation's children, then I despair.

    If the 'political police farce' are called to Sandringham at Christmas, are we to believe that they will subject the youngest membersd of the Royal Family to this inquisition - this charter for snoopers - this springboard for paedophiles?

    I am so glad that the Tories have promised to scrap this measure - let us hold them to that.
  6. A decent Marxist guvment would at least ring the changes...
  7. Boom! Boom! Hard but fair!

    'A decent Marxist' government would have shut this site pdq! Luckily, as I said originally this is an awful Marxist government.
  8. Now spent twenty minutes ranting like a man possesed. This hideous thing that calls itself a government is fcuking outrageous. More every day! In the words of Kevin Keegan, I'll love it if (when) we beat them.

    We really are in some kind of totalatarian state, FFS we never even voted for that one eyed ba5tard!
  9. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hodge - "Her main ‘qualification’ was being his pal and running Islington Council when its 12 children’s homes were awash with paedophiles and sympathisers of the ‘Left-wing’ Paedophile Information Exchange. This campaigned for sex to be legalised with children from the age of four."
    Great track record. :roll:

    CAF - another nail in the coffin of 'Great' Britian, a country destroyed by Labour. :x
  10. I've never heard of any of it. :s
  11. Not trying to be funny but some of you people out there were mad enough to vote them into power.
  12. Not guilty your honor :roll:

    So now we have DNA banks for every bod in the country being suggested, ID card fiasco, exceptions to FOIA and this ! It won't be long before Whitehall relocates to the Kremlin.
  13. Exactly!

    I love reminding people of that. Its normally the dole scum who like to imagine they "Pay my wages" :roll: Hmmm
  14. I have a meeting with my lads school tomorrow. I'm going to ask if this is on the agenda
  15. Tell them to shove this form up there ass. There will be a revolotion in this country soon, the way things are going, thanks to the walts who are now running it !