If you HAD to take it 3 Para Mortars style, who would it be?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. You know, for something serious like free beer all day or the rights to the TV remote control?

    I reckon either David Bowie or Mr Eastwood.
  2. Who's got all fired up by the Toilet Sex Attack Squaddy Thread then?
  3. woo not seen!
  4. Jarrod. He's not very big so it wouldn't hurt much besides he's a nice lad and he wants to so badly.
  5. That big Fijian chap from the other thread sounds quite romantic, tho I heard his date was a little traumatised due to his girth. He’d have to use a lot of lube for the full effect to be enjoyed & employ some slag-jawed harlot to nosh off from the front.

  6. Deffo George Clooney he'd probably buy me fine wine's and belguim chocolates before roaring up me sh*tter to sound of Barry White ( not that I've given it much thought....)
  7. I take it I am not supposed to enjoy it, so some right ugly fucker, Prescott springs to mind.

    Mind you, One-Eye has being doing most of the country 3Para Mortars style for years.
  8. Jan the para :)
  9. Emma Watson. OOh slam it to me Emma.

    Who said it has to be a blerk. ;)
  10. Miriam still has a working todger so i guess it would have to be her,him,shim
  11. It would have to be Van Helsing's 6'10" pirate with a very thin and small strap on.

    VH if you wish to post an illustrative photo please feel free to do so ;)
  12. Such romance, such finesse! Is Barry White in the room with you or just a recording?

    What's wrong with sticking with 3 Para Mortars? Dull, but worthy.
  13. I will ask Frank, he was Mortar platoon, but he shaved his tache off when he left, he's still a cnut though.
  14. You are a sick bunch. Whatever happened to dont ask dont tell? Freakshows, the lot of you
  15. you're only jealous, Utrinque Paratus :lol: