If you had to lose your virginity all over again....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devil_Dog, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. For me it won't be with the local bishop again.

    How about you?
  2. Firstly Id hve done it earlier and secondly
    Not a fat ginger, it set a precedent Im still trying to break.
  3. Agreed, Pillager:

    I'd look for someone who was close to my own age and size [ ahem - as I was then, of course..anyone my age and size now is probably dead or close to it and only worthy of MDN's attentions ]
  4. I'd do it with your mum rather than your sister - age and experience count for a lot...and your sister didn't really know what she was doing - ended up making me put it up her arrse. (She was only 12 - bless).
  5. would do it earlier, and not in the room next door to my parents (was so embarressed for a week,, didnt know they were home hehe)
  6. With my Primary 7 teacher, Mrs Hughes. A rock hard erection is very embarassing for a 10 yr old, the least she could have done was eased my springs for me.
  7. :? Lmao
  8. If I could do it again it wouldnt be with a fat burd with multi coloured dreadlocks on her rather low bed.... was terrible she just lay there like a sack of spuds, ahwell thats what 5 pints of snake bite does for you when your 18
  9. 14 in the alley next to my house with a munter who had 3rd degree burn scars on her neck from when her brother poured boiling water on her when she was little.....*borat style* "Niiiiice"
    Thats gotta win me the ugliest first time award right?
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    It also wins you the "Not Reading The Fucking Point of the Thread" Award!

    If I had another shot I might still consider the ample breasted Welsh lass that helped me out... but I'd go for 3 years younger :)
  11. If I had to lose my virginity all over again, it wouldn't be to the Biology teacher.

    He smelled of potato hash.
  12. I sooooo should have gone earlier witha really pretty girl that was very keen on me. we fooled around and I got a massive case of nerves - performance anxiety - cos she was so good looking. I stupidly dressed it up as a morality thing and said i wanted to wait a bit. Feck knows why i was legally old enough (and by some margin).

    Aaahh hind-sight. It's a beautiful thing.
  13. what are you some sort of a cnut....you need to lighten up its a fuking forum not a questionaire.......
  14. If I'd known how flossy would treat out special relationship afterwards I would have tried to lose it as soon as I knew what to do with it (so about 20?)

    Preferably with some fat, ugly minger whose mere facial features, let alone body odour would have been enough to prolong the act into the worst 30 seconds (rather than 15) of her life.

    My anal virginity was brutally taken me from the moment I came on arrse; I couldn't identify him in a line-up but he smelt of fox pi$$ and twiglets, told everyone he was a pilot and was followed round by a large group of large mlaaaring mongs ;)
  15. ...it wouldn't have been with the demented slag who thought giving a blowjob meant using her teeth as a cheese grater. It would've also helped if I had've seen the self-harm scars pre-'gettin nekked'; may have held on to the big 'v' for a while yet. 8O

    Would have actually got it over and done with on holiday in Spain at 16 with the big fatty who didn't mind having her fanny groped, rather than keep hold of it for 3 more pointless years :oops:

    *speeling edit*