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If you had to keep only three Countries and their populations, which and why???

correct me if I’m wrong but it’s nearer to the US than Austria, which was my other choice
The US does not 'have' the Bahamas. It's a separate country.
Definitely not China, the whole of Africa or the whole of the Middle East.

They'd be at the bottom of the list.
  • England (which includes Wales, because it has not been a country since Edward I, just a conquered principality);
  • Netherlands;
  • Italy (we need somewhere over which we can feel completely superior, plus a source of wine for when beer gets boring).
US cause I dont have to learn a Foreign language and the Bahamas are relatively near.
Austria cause the skiing is good

I dont think anywhere else is worth keeping

Fixed. ..... It seems you are having a problem with basic English as well, and your syntax and punctuation is questionable, just an observation...nothing personal!!


Netherlands? Great as friends, f--king nightmare to work with.

Happy to go with the UK, NZ and Canada though.

Can we keep Italy the land mass, but get rid of the population?

UK -There's no place like home - what's left of it
Portugal - Like a non-arsehole version of the Spanish, and they seem to discourage fat people
Canada - Like a 'This is what you could have won' for the US

Didn't make the cut:

Saudi Arabia
-Canada, the good- great country to live with lots of room to move about and live as you wish
The bad- there's French here but at least they breed excellent strippers


-Dealers choice- any nordic country that makes high grade porn....



War Hero
Seeing how my previous thread seemed to have disappeared somewhere in the ethernet... Can't think why???

Sweden - for their dedication to the early porn industry
Canada - for being so damn nice
Netherlands - for their laidback attitude to life

Deffo wouldn't be Nigeria, Albania or Somalia!

There was no point to your previous thread after you have the perfect answer in your initial post.
Easy question.
  • Great Britain (bung the Paddys in for good measure)
  • France
  • Germany (bung Holland and Scandiwegia into Greater Germania)
Bung Italy in as a supplemental, move the whole lot south a few hundred miles and that's it. Job jobbed.

The ROW, meh.


Ireland - Because God would want his sainted island to be preserved
Germany to show us how to do things properly
Since we need to go on holiday I'll keep the Maldives.

Sexton Blake

War Hero
1. Great Britain (cricket, tea, humour and general loveliness).
2. Italy (wine, women, sun, food).
3. France (as above).

Definitely not any country that all the above and many more have pumped billions into for eff all return.

Sexton Blake

War Hero
I thought it said counties, and came up with Cornwall Devon and Yorkshire...
Please don’t put Cornwall in the same sentence as that other place over the Tamar bridge.

1. Cornwall
2. Yorkshire
3. EAST Sussex

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