If you had Money

I mean lots of it, tons of dough, a shed full of moolah, kallybash coming out your ying yang etc, etc.

What would you buy ? Words are good but Piccy's are better !

To start with I would buy these for Rememberance Day


Power, Take over the Gobment from the outside and turn it into a Tolatorian state and go to war with anything to keep the public opressed...but thats just me.

Oh oh also i would "buy" Emma Watson.

And a Mansion with a big fcuk off cave....with bats!
Of course I would not reside there.

However it would be a fantastic place to train my military for the grand task of taking back the british isles from the grasps of communism :D

I dare say the diving and general wildlife would be pretty good too :D
With enough funds I am prepared to start my own Porn Movie Empire [which will generate millions more as guys like you buy my product or ' invest ' in the operation ] .

I, of course, will personally be involved in ' auditioning' the female leads in all of the productions [ I believe I can be as randy as and as good an old lecher as H.Hef hisself well into my 90's ]..

Bird and the Merc. Why not the truck aswell.
Great idea. Lets take it further.

How about one of these

and let it play with

edit for being a mong
I'd buy a cloning facility and some of Tony Blair's DNA. No, bear with me.

That way, I could kill him over and over in as many imaginative ways as possible.
This was made for Idi Amin.

I want it....

Its 03:30, I'm on night shift, its fu@king boring, we have just received redundancy selection warnings, I have been up all day with my son at hospital so had no sleep, I then had a row with my wife, my old dog (13) is on his last legs I think i will have to take him to the vets to get put down (so no sleep again), it is cold and it has just started raining, i only have two fags left to last me until 07:30 and i smoke 40 a day.

Now if I had millions and millions of £ like that cow that won ?£40 mil on the lottery what would I buy? Well I quite fancy a bag of chips!
I want one of these; it's all Donald Bellisario's fault.

And one of these, because it's well ally.

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