If you had a time machine - what historic events would you like to see?

Anyway, if you want a repeat of the assassination you can have the original car....

for a price.
I'd nick Bill & Ted's time machine so I can go anywhere in time I'd like, plus I'd pick up their bodacious babes

First I'd time travel back to the late 70's and give Jenny Agutter a good seeing to, then I'd go see the beginning of time, just to know for real that it was a big bang, and likewise the end of time to see how it all ends
Don’t know if it’s been covered: I would love to be with a pretty woman in the dunes when the Wright brothers made their first flight.
I would probably think: “This will never catch on” and carry on with my picnic lunch with a pretty lass.


I’d like to have seen Sarah Greene, from Blue Peter, spitroasted on the pool table at Southampton University Students Union circa 1990.

Much better than all this Hitler shit......
Wright brothers first flight
Lincolns Gettysburg address
the surrender at Yorktown
the surrender at Appomattox court house
Dr Martin Luther Kings "i have a dream'' speech
Arnhem to see if Major Digby Tatham Warter actually told the Germans he couldn't accept their surrender
Japanese surrender on USS Missouri


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Take a proper slug of dough bank to when England were 500:1 to beat the Aussies at cricket.

Then follow flashman throughout.

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The day I started smoking and kick sh4t out of myself
Several occasions in my youth where I didn’t comprehend signals from female or I was being nice...
There are a few entertaining films about time travel.

The Butterfly Effect speculates about how changes made by time travellers can have unintended consequences in the present. The bit where the time traveller wakes up from a trip to the past to find he has no arms or legs is strangely entertaining.

The Time Traveller's Wife is about a bloke who travels in time but who has no control over when or where it happens. Very interesting but not the type of film to watch while drunk or you wont be able to follow the plot.

Best of all is Timeline. It's supposed to be a serious, ScFi movie about a professor of archaeology who gets lost in time and has to be rescued by his students. Unfortunately, the professor is played by Billy Connolly in the worst example of miscasting since Keira Knightley and her upper crust, English accent were cast as a female version of Dog the Bounty Hunter in Domino.

As Billy talks guff about quantum entanglement, the multiverse and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, you just know that somebody just off camera is holding up idiot boards with those words spelled out phonetically for him. You'll waste the whole movie waiting for the man who was "The Man Who Puts the C**t in Country and Western" to pull out his banjo and start singing songs about jobbies.
Interesting sounding films TY.
Maddie’s sofa on Tapas night.
The tower at Charles de Gaulle and tell the concord pilot that taking off into wind is a good idea when you’re over AUM...
Inside Hitler's bedroom when he finally awoke to be informed that the invasion of France had begun (Although not where he believed it would be)

51.702247, -1.440325; 17 July 2003

Roswell, NM; Circa 1951 - To confront the conspiracists
WTC 7, New York,September 2001 - Ditto
American Airlines Flight 191, September 2001 - Ditto

All meetings of the Joint Intelligence Commitee between Jun 2002 and March 2003
. . to compare against . .
All un-minuted meetings between T Blair, A Campbell and unspecified others, between Jun 2002 and March 2003
likewise, "looks like rain Dr Kelly, why not come down the pub with these lads off arrse,who look like a bunch thugs and will keep you from harm"


"Eve, put down that bloody apple and get back in the Kitchen!!"

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