If you had a time machine - what historic events would you like to see?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. I'd like to see the Sermon on the Mount; the assault on Pegasus Bridge by D Coy 2nd Bn Oxf & Bucks, and to watch Pink Floyd play the UFO club.
  2. Blessed are the cheesemakers.

    I'd go for

    Seeing the look on Napoleans face at Waterlok

    The Battle of Thermopylae, from a safe vantage point of course

    Stand on a grassy knoll in Dallas 1963 in my best airsoft kit

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  3. My mum and dad having sex making me all those years ago so i could see if i really was a stain on the mattress my mum rolled into, just so i could prove the badge wrong

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  4. Marilyn Monroes last night

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  5. I'd pop back with a camcorder to see Moses, Buddah, Mohammed and Jesus to see which ones were talking out of their hoop. I'll not bother with Joseph Smith and the bloke that started Scientology as I already know the answer. Agincourt as watching the French get beaten like a ginger stepchild never gets old. I'd pop in to tell the Titanic driver he was about to have a very bad day - not because of the value of human life but to stop at least one film with Leonardo De Caprio getting made. The Incas, the Awa maru, the Confederates and Yamashita to see where they burried the loot. Prehistoric time to see how Fred Flintstone got that car made of rocks to move. Oh and I'd drop into the Filming of Behind the Green Door - classic 70's porn. I think the reason is obvious.
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  6. Jutland on HMS Iron duke during the night action whispering into Jellicoe's ear. "They're behind you"!
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  7. The birth of Christ, just to mug the three wise men.
    The birth of Blair, just to drown the little weasel.
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  8. The recruiting office in Worthing 1989. I'd either give myself a good kicking or the lying twat behind the desk. (the fat cunt)
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  9. Or HMS Tiger to remind them that they need to double check their fall of shot and aiming.

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  10. How about telling him that weight of fire is of secondary importance to not blowing up?
  11. I like to see my grandfather and his mates at oosterbeck church on the 19th september 1944. Then shake every British soldier there and say "Thank you".

    Nelson's death to hear what he really said.

    Myself every time I made a poor decision, there has been a few.

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  12. Ayia Nappa, 1990. The "Volcano bar".

    Not leaving the 2 busty Irish girls sat there, when we were on a promise.
    And not going off with the Swedish girls who didn't put out at all.
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  13. Think Beatty forgot that one too.

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  14. or HMS Hood and telling them to steer the other way and not follow normal battle procedures
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