If you had a maximum of 27 days available?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I will have left by then

  4. Wow!, that's great - I want to join.

  5. Doesn't matter - happy to work for free - I just love it

  1. If, by the end of March next year, the Army had brought in a scheme whereby each role in the TA (or 'Reserve' as it will be then) had a maximum No of MTDs allocated to it - so for example, soldiers get 27, and SSM get's say 40, would you come back?
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't they just sack all the blokes who do bare minimum but always get their bounty/
    You know the sort always have a family crises when people are being asked to deploy but are always at the front of the queue for trips to the US or diving expiditions
    That way those who are running out of time and want to train to deploy can have the cash to do so
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I do about this allocation anyway, so no skin off my nose :D

  4. What's wrong with doing the bare minimum?
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, fcuk that. We are casual labour. If they want us to do more, they would up the commitment. Some of us have real lives to attend to, anyway.
  6. Mr T,

    Define maximum. Do you mean 27 max or 27 paid plus a significant part of C1.

    27 days a year = a 2 week exercise and 6 weekends. That is insufficient to train a soldier/body of men and maintain his/their capability - particularly in the infantry. All you would achieve is a start point for further training in the event of a deployment. You would not have something that was deployable - the whole point of the TA. We would no longer have a strategic reserve, quite a gamble in an increasingly uncertain world.
  7. the Graduated Commitment Model is, I believe, based on a maximum of 27 MTDs for enduring basic training until an individual then expresses an interest in mobilising at which point the allocation will increase (although by how much and how this is administered remains unclear).

    The point is though that this is deemed sufficient for an individual to be kept 'warm'.

    Don't assume a 15 day camp either - they could all default to 9 days or just a specialist/refresher training course. It's a simple change to TA regs. 15 day camps are a thing of the past - both in terms of the fact that they were relevant to a TA that will not exist soon, and probably dead already in the thinking of the centre.
  8. Mr T

    In the situation you envisage, will there be any difference between Group A and Group B TA?
  9. Hmm, so the 10% leaving according to the Scum, might be a tad conservative estimate
  10. Nope - in my view, such irrational vestiges of the past will have been erased by then. TA Regs is well overdue a rewrite and I believe that they have it in mind to completely start again - along the lines of simply delivering IRs.

    All of that which has delivered the essential infrastructure of the 'Territorial' over the years, the underpinning pillars of experience and agreements, may well be about to go in the bin. I have now seen the light - and once you realise the enormity of the implications of switching off the funding, anything is now possible.

    The sacred cows are all dead.
  11. Oh dear, this all sounds rather familiar.

    We are probably living through a watershed in the hsitory of the TA. One wonders whether anyone can stop it now.

    I wonder too what happened to the RFCA in such times. They seem to be particularly quiet when I was rather hoping that they would galvanise their network and get the MPs on our side. Maybe their funding is under threat too?

    Regrettably, I agree with Mr T. The TA hasn't a hope of being the same again - they really don't understand it.
  12. It sucks.

    Doesn't it?
  13. That's a shame.

    I think it's the "sacred cows" that deliver the product.

    It is the common bond of the shared experience of collective training, your respect for and trust in your colleagues that develops over time, being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your subordinates and superiors. This is true of any body of men, regular or reserve.

    We do it well. We may not have the finest army but we have the finest regular soldiers in the world and a system which produces the finest reserves. If we built on the strenghts of the TA they would deliver more. How did sacking 19 Bns of TA infantry in 1997 help us over the last 6 years?

    The IR factory you envisage will produce a weaker soldier. When the discover they've made a monumental mistake it will be too late to bring it all back.
  14. I envisage a core of instructors located centrally to train and mobilize IRs. Those instructors will be the crème de la crème of their chosen trade and cap badge. Given a uncapped number of days to attend training weekends and weekly/fortnightly courses as instructors they will train and develop the future TA soldier to the standards required for ops.

    They will be regulars.
  15. Indeed