If you had a hardon for Crab Air before . . . stand by!

How ridiculous.

But top brass feared it would breach a £10.5billion private-finance deal
Instead a new wheel had to be flown 3,400-miles from the UK to the Gulf

How can they justify such nonsense? Why don't they have a spare there where they are flying in and out all the time.

Another one of Labours cockups and some top brass without any bollocks to do the job. Good job they weren't around in WW2.
I stand corrected before someone calls attention to the fact a pterodactyl is actually a flying reptile; not a bird.

a) There's another thread on this.
b) You'd be surprised what a bird strike can do, a damaged tyre is relatively minor, a dead engine is not quite so amusing.
Surely there is room inside a great big airy plane for a little tin of Halford's* tyre fix and inflate?

* Other brands of tyre fix and inflate are available.
Why carry spares when you can get the tyres for this aircraft at many airports? Of course you would still have to wait for mechanics to be shipped out from the UK as the PFI contract stipulates, as said before another government contract cockup.

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So at what point does a mini-riot become a proper riot then?
I had a crafty wank in the dark room bunk area at Minhad on the way to Cyprus. I don't know what these cunts are moaning about. A public masturbation area should be enough to pass the time for any traveller and way beyond the facilities offered at many European airports.


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Please try not to mention prehistoric creatures, we'll have BTM droning on about giant fish before long!
Yet another example of the fact that despite having had an obsession with contracting out services and facilities to the private sector for a quarter of a century now, the public sector (MOD included) doesn't have a clue how to write the contracts, because the people writing the contracts don't know half of what the job entails. The end result is in private companies making a killing whilst the public suffers a fucked up service, for a bigger bill.

In this case the contract should have had a serviceability clause, with penalties payable when the aircraft have unscheduled down time; that would make it financially desirable for the contractor focus on pre-positioning spares or authorise other engineers/suppliers. Meanwhile, I fail to see the point of Voyager if it isn't kitted up for war zones - surely for trooping movements outside war zones it'd be cheaper just to lease Pissy-jet orange planes.

It's nothing new though: I'll cite the example of rail travel- we spend more now giving money to companies to subsidise rail routes than we spent on the whole of the railways when British Rail was state owned, whilst the train operators stash away profits from the busy lines and users pay higher prices.
Not sure if it has been covered in the other thread (I really can't be arsed looking) but one tyre went and another was damaged. They always carry a spare on the aircraft and the engineers usually have no problems changing it - however as two were buggered then they needed another one.

I am not sure whether another tyre was available locally or not - however another was flown out reasonably quickly. This is nothing to do with the PFI agreement. There was a quick press release from the MOD about this which covered all the points the Mail whinged about, but I'm not in work and my memory is dulled by a very long week (and it's only Wednesday).
Please try not to mention prehistoric creatures, we'll have BTM droning on about giant fish before long!
Fuck, you wouldn't want to hit a Megalodon on take-off - that'd really spoil your day. And his, probably.
Please try not to mention prehistoric creatures, we'll have BTM droning on about giant fish before long!

And breathe.

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