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If you had a choice, what Russian equipment would you use?

Is there a CR3 programne? (or at least the start)?
That would be excellent news.

Edit - I was assuming not cos of the loss of Vickers and of workers/skills/tooling, etc.
It’s the mid life upgrade, new turret, new gat. It can be the most advanced MBT in the world, if the army wants it.



Good choice. At least when the barrel goes tango-uniform it isn't an armourer's job to replace it like it is with the new-fangled PKP Pecheneg thingy.
Thier awesome ginger women, The AKM every time and the Birch vodka, p/s you can get Ukrainian birch vodka in good eastern european shops in the UK and its the dogs balls of vodka. In the UK £20 a bottle in Lithuania 8 euro.
To be fair, in its time the RPG 7 was a much more practical shoulder launched AT weapon than the Cargo (IDF speak for Charlie G) and also more effective than the 66mm LAW.
Compared to the Carl Gustav 84mm, the RPG 7 was way lighter, way less cumbersome, its projectiles were less expensive and it caused less backblast.
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Hello all,
Russian equipment has always tended to be on the rugged side of things. If you had to use their kit,what would you use instead of Western kit?
There is another question - what weapons systems Russia must not have from the point of view of Washington.
Special Representative of the US President for Arms Control Marshall Billingslea called on Russia to abandon the development of promising weapons for the projects “Petrel” (according to the US classification – Skyfall) and “Poseidon”.

Was the Chinese model the one that could take the AK's thirty-round magazine?
No. It was a direct copy of the Russian one with folding bayonet. The sporterised one could take the AK magazine. This was 1995 and you could buy the average SKS for about a hundred dollars and ammunition was for pennies. You could buy surplus rounds in cans for very small money.
The AK sights are truly unpleasant.
IDF SEALS were equipped with AKs for many years because of how well they stood up to exposure to sea water. If you ever happened to catch a sight of one you noticed the unusually highly burnished (almost silvery) AK slung over his shoulder. I assumed the burnishing was due to the constant need to clean off any signs of seawater induced corrosion.

Am I the only person to think how LOUD the AK series are?

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