if you got in a fight...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by private---pile, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. its saturday night, around 2am your off your face when a group of mean looking fellas set upon you with knives.

    you, however have 3 celebrities/famous people, can be people from past or present

    who would you pick

    i personally would have ray winston, geezer from jamiroqui(unsure of spelling) and liam gallagher
  2. Liberace, Julian Clarey and Lily Savage - those three are enough to scare the bejeazus out of even the likes of Sandy McCrab!!!
  3. Genghis Khan, Bruce Lee, and Royce Gracie :)

    Saying that, if I'm "off my face" then I'm as hard as 10 men anyway, and wouldn't need their help.

    Failing that, I'd have Stephen Hawking.....as I'm sure they'd see him, and leave me alone to give him a good kicking instead! :)
  4. Professor Stephen Hawking, Ray Charles and Christopher Reeve. I'd leg it and let the 'Joey Deacon's' take the shanking.

    Edited to add "Fuck" Beaten to it by a hat"
  5. must type faster must type faster must type faster must type faster must type faster must type faster :)
  6. Hmmm, thought long about this.

    Would have to Tony Blair,, Harriet Harman and Hazel Blears.

    I would then do an "Italy" and switch sides.
  7. Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun and that bloke from Sauchiehall Street who keeps puttin' the heid in lampposts.
  8. Very easy. tony Bliar, Gordon Brown and anyother member of the cabinet who happens to be in the area.

    Whilst their taking a pasting i'm finishing of the rest of my kebab in the taxi home
  9. Elvis - as he is dead he wouldn't feel a thing
  10. John Prescott, I wouldn't need anyone else. Problem is he might try to fcuk them then eat them after but they'll have deserved it.
  11. Phil Mitchell, Grant Mitchell and Sandy the Guvnor, well he's sort of famous isnt he?
  12. Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Beethoven the dog - with pepper in its nose.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm getting the distinct impression here that, rather than get some hard chums on board to tw@t the adversaries, we'd all much rather fire some chaff and then leg it.

    Good drills!!
  14. Amir Khan, Mr T and Jessica Alba, to be used as a distraction
  15. In fact, you could probably sort all of them out with Naomi Campbell as long as they lose her luggage.