If you go down to the pub today...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cornelius, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. Outstanding !!

    Derren is certainly a scarily clever man.


  2. Interesting, so good and smooth it could appear as if it were a set up/ actor etc? One point springs to mind, dont know if he mentioned it as i could not here the sound so well... but what if they guy got so scared and "in to the senario" that he would have used the rifle (paint gun) butt or head butting and so on, a la the average squaddie in a bar fight, on those actors who were olaying the zombies?? If they had chose some random soldier walking in off duty they would find a few seriously injured actors! But either which way, entertaining clip!
  3. Sorry..

    What a load of fcuking Sh!te

    After his pathetic attempt at russian roulette with blanks, this is a non starter.
  4. I thought it was quite smoothly done, perhaps too smooth though.
    What I did find weird was the reaction of his 'friends' when he zonks out in front of the screen for the first time and a camera crew appear; would you let a complete stranger abduct a friend on a trolley?

  5. was also very handy that they had 2 spare monitors and chairs for his 'friends' to sit at.. but since when have us arrsers been cynical....
    still found it entertaining though :lol:
  6. Serves him right

    what sort of cnut plays video games in a pub when they could be boozin
  7. Certainly is strange, I normally go straight for the bar and stay there until I slide off onto the floor :D