If you found a hedgefund manager

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. sitting alone in the corner of a pub, sobbing, would you buy him a drink?
    I would, having checked that Schweppes Bitter Lemon hides the taste of bleach beforehand, of course!
  2. And you wonder why you keep getting banged up in Slovakia and the Muslims you come across haven't taken to you. :x
  3. I would reserve my bleach-flavoured BL for the guys who tolerated his conduct. Where the heck did they think these bonus payments and profits came from other than some poor sod who was being financially raped? It is still going on - people are ripping funds on transactions where all they did was hold a phone to their ear. We are looking to politicians to solve our troubles. They know FA about the way the markets operate. The guys who do and who could find ways out of the shyte, are still there - doing deals and making money. I do not blame them - I'm not high-minded enough to say I would not but someone needs to get a grip and control the shorters and longers.
  4. I'd forget the hedge fund managers - there's far more culpability in the US investment banks, Alan Greenspan and Gordon Brown.
  5. Bleach?,far too quick.First pull through with rusty barbed wire.Then see what develops.
  6. Agreed, the hedge fund managers are just doing the best they can for the fund they operate, like any other fund manager.

    It is the government that has created the problems.
  7. oh sure...blame the government for everything...first people are saying there are too many controls.. this government is a becoming a police state....and now that corporations get it wrong its again the governments fault for not looking after grown ups.. you would not blame the government if an adult stole some money..then why blame the government when a group of adults decided to not use their heads...Its the city W@nkers fault...the feckers!
  8. If the government had argued for market forces and left everybody to get on with it, then it would be the individuals fault.

    However, the government intervenes massively in the financial sector by regulating the institutions, via the FSA, setting interest rates and controlling government spending and borrowing. Given that they have taken all this power, they have to accept responsibility.

    In Gordon Brown's case:

    - He created the FSA, replacing effective supervision by the Bank of England.
    - He instructed the Bank of England to ignore housing costs when setting interest rates, there by making interest rates too low, encouraging an unsustainable borrowing boom.
    - He he dramatically increased government spending, funded by a massive budget deficit.

    By the way, the hedge fund managers are using their heads, which is why most people hate them. The people who did not uses their heads are the former building societies, who borrowed short to lend long, and the investment banks, who traded packages of debt without understanding how much they were actually worth.
  9. Just a lot of very intelligent people who deserve to get rich, if your investments continue to fly. And then what? If your investments fail? Liars. Cheats. The line? I'd say draw it when the liars and cheats have to face the people who are upset. I draw the line there because that is where the trouble will begin. 2012.