if you fail are you stuck

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by stevemcgee06, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. if you fail trade training or just cant hack it or dont enjoy it can you pick different trades or once you chose one you are stuck with it? and also can you fail basic training? as in dont pass out, can you re take it or what happens if you fail, thanks for anyone who can help. I dont think I will fail nor do I want to its just cheer research, if anyone can help cheers...
  2. If you fail all basic military subjects then you have to become a QA, allegedly
  3. what is a QA?
  4. Of course you can fail, but the trainers will put every effort in to help you make it. You could be back-squadded, which means you repeat that phase of training or be given additional help.

    You can change trades - if the staff think you are trainable - and you can even change choice of arm - but it is not that common. It will all depend on why you are failing and the staff's opinion of you.

    Good luck and just try hard.
  5. If you can't hack it there's always the RAF!

    (Or if you really are sad and can't hack the military then join the Signals!) :lol:


    Whatever you do, give 100% and try to enjoy it!
  6. Queen Alexandras Royal Army Nursing Corps or QARANC or QAs or Pie eaters, sponsored by Ginsters :thumright:
  7. sorry tartanscrummer - and what is your waist-line??
    I could never imagine your good self as 'slender'


    If you pass Phase 1, and all attempts to get you through phase two fail - You'll more than likely be offered an RLC capbadge, and driver as a trade!

    I jest not
  8. Allus wondered why them trogs had a chip on their shoulder :biggrin:
  9. Or retrade as a Dog Trainer like I tried to do. Well I should have realised CMT was not for me when I failed first aid in basic. Talked me out of it and sent me to 4 AFA................
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    Ventress LE Moderator

    This should be a thread on its own!
  11. I've lost a lot of weight for my beach life-guards course I'll have you know!
  12. There is always a Chef, but I don't think anyone has passed that course,
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