If you ever wanted to join the Reserve forces now is the time Infantry Mercian

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by max556mm, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Never has the Recruit into the Terratorial Army had training and deployment oportunities like now
    Ex Regular or Off the street.
  2. Ex Para I take it ?
  3. Can I shoot guns and take photos of me with guns to put on my desk at work?
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  4. I left the army a few weeks ago after a full career. To even consider joining the TA I would have to be a crack addict selling my arse for roll-ups and suddenly having my clients suddenly dry up.
  5. dole scum,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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  6. You say that now...
  7. Far from it Mr comma IED. In full time, well paid employment from when I was on termination leave. With a full pension to boot. Cheers easy.
  8. You are BigLeeNaples.

    So **** off and die, horribly.
  9. Your quite a catch then.
  10. a, 22 yr full screw carnt be pulling in much pension,,,???????
  11. Wanking off Whippets for cash In dog-fluid soaked hand doesn't count as meaningful employment 5A.
  12. This is the problem if you have had a full career great and thanks for your service.
    However things have and are changing and the Army as we know it will be very different.
    Although the experience of ex-regulars are welcome they are not necassary to our success of the reserve forces.
    We can adpt to any given situation and fully support the regular Army when required.
  13. Not really. I'm a nigger.
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  14. Unless it's raining, or the footie's on, or it's a kids birthday, or you have to deploy. Cheers for your jokes.
  15. On Weekends and Tuesdays... ******* STABs.