If you don't like your Pl Cdr, smack him!

Metro today reports a soldier being arrested for attempting to murder his Pl Cdr with a pickaxe on Salisbury Plain yesterday. Scores of soldiers from the 1st Batt Queens Lancers saw the officer being battered over the head with the axe as he led training manouvres. The attack is alleged to have happened after a row between the officer and the Private. An MP arrested the man at the scene. The officer was airlifted to hospital in Salisbury suffering from serious head injuries, including one wound nearly 3 inches deep. A hospital spokesman said he was expected to make a full ercovery. Forensic experts are examining the scene of the attack.

Mr Happy

Saw the Pl Sgt smack the new Pl Cmd with an entrenching tool one time...  I believe the 2Lt had used the line "my digging in days stopped when I got these" pointing at his pip/s.
No need for smacking if you have the right platoon sergeant.  Mine does a great line in facial expressions in reply to many of my more outstanding ideas.  Amend the old "a picture paints a thousand words" thingy to "you don't need to utter a word to speak volumes".  In particular he's got the "no sir, I don't think that's a great idea given the circumstances" one down to a tee.
Must remember not to get on the wrong side of some of my lads after hearing this.  Especially if they've not slept in a while.  Must have really p***ed the guy off for him to take a pickaxe to him mind you!
Regardless of whatever it may have been about, hope he makes a full recovery.  Wouldn't wish that on anyone!
It gets better...The Sun is reporting it as a QLR soldier tw@tting a Cpl who was then flown to Southampton General. ???


I saw a Para OC smack the Regimental 2ic, twice ! , in Kenya a few years back.  This was followed by court cases and huge press......  

Think part of the conversation when something like

2ic "Sgt Major ..   did you see that...  Major  xxx hit me"


War Hero
Bit light my old C/Sgt -

C/Sgt - Sir, come round the side of this land rover
Me  - Ok????
C/Sgt - smack - don't ber such a twat, sir
Me - !!!!!!!!!


It has been reported it was a Pte who stuck a pickaxe into a L/Cpl both from Queens Lancashire Regiment.
surprisingly the 17 year old Pte has been charged with attempted murder..


According to The Sun (so it must be true) the Ex involved the Green Jackets-so presumably this lad used a pick because all the shovels had been removed due to RGJ past record in that department!!!


A hospital spokesman stated that the injuries were not serious as they had missed the Pl Comds brain by 2 feet. ;D


No it was one plt Com one new plt comd taking over the Tanks and one NCO who we now call fingers ;D

The Snob

Gundolph...saw it happen as well. Kenya 94 with 3 Para. It was the same exercise when that officer got shot by the SF pl, cos he used white light on the range.

Or something like that!!  ;D


It was the anti tank plt that got shot at by A coy. and the only reason the plt comd put up white light was  the range safety officer (who happend to be the same guy that got hit by the Coy Comd) told him to.
However on the safety officers orders white light was to indicate targets

The old boy network managed to put a blanket on that one and just blame the corps :mad:

Good job it was a full moon
Going off the threat slightly I remember an incident in the States a few years ago where a crow from the Battalion was being particularly gobby the whole tour, come the final live firing exercise one of the sweats decided that said crow didn't belong and took a pot shot at him, hit smack in the back of the head/Helmet :-[....... Now say what you like about the Para lids, but this particular time it saved his life as the bullet whistled around the outside of his Helmet and missed his head completely (SA80 DIDN'T WORK THAT WELL!) still, a fragment went in to his shoulder and he managed to bluff his way out on a med discharge!!!!! Funny thing was, one of the 9Sqn guy's thought it was him and thought the battalion was on a witch hunt to slot the marksman ;D  ;D


If ye don't like yer Battery Commander......cut his brake pipes.

True story....Kirton in Lindsay 1988. His wife heard something outside, went to investigate, and found a Regimental Policeman under the car.

(I was one of the 8 suspects)

The b@stard that did it got away with it too! :eek:

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