If you dont like this - you dont like music


You Sir have great taste in tunes.

I have had this on my Ipod since I first got the thing and have been on the receiving end of "whats this shit?" on a few Exercises. The person saying "whats this shit?" was on the receiving end of a swift cuff to the lug'ole.

Bloody Philistines.

Cheers N_W.

Edited to add......Both tunes :D
You want a singer????


Fcuking tanfastic!!!!!!!

Soul Music is OK, but smooth is NOT always the answer
I cant argue with any of the above (bar Bon Jovi possibly). Most of those are on my all time fav tracks of all time.

But if I may give you the best bit of Rock;

Baba O'Riley

Noise up, sit back, open a can of Watneys and picture yourself on a Vespa with a fox tail antenna. :wink:
Nice one Flash. I've recently been working with Pete Townshend and his Eel Pie production company. The mans a rock god, whilst simultaneously being the biggest pain in the arse to work for since Nefertiti.

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