If you didn't do what you did do?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legs, May 5, 2012.

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  1. If you had your time in the Army all over again, and the trade you chose the first time wasn't open to you, what would you have done? What other changes would you have made to your career?
  2. Royal Engineers or RAMC. Wound my neck in. Listened. Intently so. Saved up money. The usual crap. Oh and I would have banged that dirty German scrubber Helga up the backdoors without lube the durty little hooer
  3. RAMC having served with them and seen most of the fuckwits that couldn't find their own arse in a bath with both hands get WOII I'd be running that corps by now!
  4. The list is pretty endless, but I would probably re consider the age that I joined up, instead of 16, maybe about 20!
  5. What trade did you go for, I was a wood butcher and a pretty shit one at that, streamed Combat Engineer at the 1st chance I got!
  6. With the options that were available to me at the time? Possibly Dental Tech. Above all else I just wanted to be a QA.
    With the options available now? Probably a medic.

    What changes? Not alerted Barclaycard to the fact that I'd joined up. Stayed in one unit longer than a year. Not got married (or at least, not to the man I did).
  7. Completed my A Levels, gone to Uni, graduated, joined the RAF as suggested by the Board at Biggin Hill.
  8. I'd join a circus.................................hold on, I did already
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  9. I was Infantry and I'd go Infantry again.

    No point in joining the Army if you're not going to do it properly.
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  10. Follow the rules! If you were Infantry before, you can't be this time.
  11. You said trade, not role.
  12. Stop splitting hairs. my game, my rules!
  13. Go on girls. Fight.Fight. Fight. Only naked and in peanut butter.
  14. I've seen both of us (no offence, Legs), and one of us naked. Really, you don't want that.
  15. Why would I want to be some civvy trade in a strange suit of clothes when I could do the same for more money in civvy street and wear what I wanted?