If you could vote

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Clinton

  2. Obama

  3. McCain

  4. None of the above

  1. If you could vote for US president, who would you choose, and why?
  2. McCain.

    He came across quite well on a recent interview conducted whilst he was in Britain.
  3. none.

    I have a new theory of not voting. as it only seems to encourage having more bloody politicians.
  4. McCain.

    He microwave chips are fcuking gorgeous!!!!!
  5. So far McCain is the only one who doesn't change his opinions/policies after every opinion poll. He is also the only one that I haven't heard any mention of lying about his past.
  6. McCain. The Democrats think he's to conservative, conservative Republicans think he is too liberal. Annoying people on either end of the political scale? Must be doing something right to annoy that many people and still get made a candidate.
  7. McCain was on TV yesterday getting everything about Iraq completey wrong and looking more senile/stupid than Bush. I respect his service record but he is just too old and being a POW for years doesnt, contrary to popular opinion, does not actually mean he will be a good President.

    Obama is a closet racist and has been lying about his agenda all along.

    Hilary is what she is. Love her or laoth her at least you will get no surprises.
  8. Seconded. Also like the rumour he is planning some kind of "super-Spook" new Intelligence Agency; with any luck it will be based on SHIELD! 8O 8)

    Gets my vote! :D
  9. You are Slick Willie Clinton and I claim my $10! :D
  10. Clinton,everyone knows all the skeletons in her closet,what you see is what you get,love her or loathe her! The other good thing about the Clintons,is BOGOF! :wink:
  11. Quite frankly whichever of the three wins I will be a bit frightened.

    The standard of politician running for the highest office in the USA is now on a level with the poor choices we are offered in the UK.

    You can have any flavour you want as long as its shoite!
  12. Clinton: evil, moneygrubbing, power hungry bitch. Qualification is being the wife of slick Willy. Doesn't cut it.

    Obama: a very inexperienced, junior Senator from Illinois. Attended a black supremacist Church for 20 years and refuses to distance himself properly from the antiwhite, racist opinions he listened to for these 20 years. his entire qualification for the job appears to be that he is half black. His supporters treat him as some kind of Messiah, and there is a distinct cult of personality about him. Doesn't appear to have any policies. If you don't like him you're instantly labelled a racist. This is a great way to alienate the "floating voters" upon whom election depends. A very divisive candidate: he is very left wing (in American terms), and he makes the race nonissue into the main issue.

    McCain: Democrats will disagree with me on this, but he is the unifying candidate, being more of a centrist than the other two. Race is not an issue with him (or indeed his party -- despite what the Democrats think.) does actually have some policies, and is consistent.

    The Democrats could have had this election in the bag if they hadn't followed the crazies down the 1980s identity politics route. "vote for me I'm a left-wing woman, otherwise you are sexist " and/or " vote for me I'm a left-wing coloured dude, otherwise you are racist" is not a popular position with floating voters.
  13. The trouble with McCain is his age and evident senility and the fact that he is really just Bush in disguise. In a country desperate for change, he is offering more of the same.

    I do agree that race should be a non-issue and that the Republicans are not inherently racist, sexist or anything else ist apart from capitalist.

    If Obama hadnt cropped up when he did, Hilary would have been a shoe in for the job, whether or not she is suitable.
  14. Clinton: White snake oil seller
    Obama: Black snake oil seller
    McCain: Not selling snake oil
  15. McCain.

    OK he's got a few batshit crazy Republican views, but he's managed to piss off the religious right and the looney left. That has it in the bag, so far as I'm concerned, even if he hadn't been at the sharp end.

    He also seems to have a 'moral vision' of America that's been lacking the last few incumbents. He may be a politician but he does seem to be able to find 'principle' in the dictionary.