If you could suck yourself off

you gotta set an example, right?
Is it wrong that I've just thrown my back out and fallen off my chair trying? :?

The rest of the people in the office seem to think so. :lol:
I have no idea... but if i could then you can be sure as f*ck i wouldnt be here typing a reply to the question.



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I'd be bent double and gagging whilst slamming my head forward with my fists.
Definite spit cos I know where mine has been........nasty!!!


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Do you think it would be banned in the pub or workplace?


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If your in 3 Para! (Allegedly)

And if it was, this bl00dy government would find a way.

Medical Research has shown that smoking one's pole is not only damaging to your health but also to others. As from July we have decided to ban it.

Some pinko leftie would complain about passively inhaling another persons baby juice.
I'd get a divorce, for starters....
B_AND_T said:
Do you think it would be banned in the pub or workplace?
He He.. :p
Brings a whole new meaning to "Smoking yourself off" in the workplace.
You'll just have to get as much in before July 1st.. :lol:
Legallybald said:
First things first - knock all your teeth out and grow a beard. Once that's sorted you can begin pondering.
I take it by your thread your trying to immitate the female vagina. Well why grow a beard because I hate hairy fanny's. I'd never go with a female with hair round her pussy - its a big NO NO.

BT. :wink:

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