If you could stick a inanmate object up cher lloyds bottom.....

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What would it be????? I would violently insert this right up her sphincter - DRY!


Yes the rough end of a pineapple would be quite uncomfortable, especially if it was followed by a ragmans trumpet.


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What would it be????? I would violently insert this right up her sphincter - DRY!
I had to use Google to find out who she was. I've reached a few conclusions:

You watch the X Factor and should be killed.
You're a latent homosexual (*** ****** ** ******)
You assumed that other people would know who on Earth you were talking about and therefore should be killed.
You thought this was NAAFI material and should be killed.
I've never heard of her, and CBF to google.

I like that mace though.
Anyway, that's a rough-leaf, and far too good to waste on rectal righteousness. Use a smooth-leaf instead.
Who the flying feck is Cher Lloyd and why should we be in the least bit interested?
I wouldn't mind taking the Other Cher... Cher Bono... and bone her with my family jewels in that Bothy in the Highlands.....she is still good looking.... but then I'm a sad old sack... assuming she doesn't mind a 20 stone fat git flobbering around on top....

Yuck!!... and anything even, Annnie Rabbison would look good.... maybe I wear my beer Googles to closely..... Oh f*k, it's Meds time again and Matron is doing the rounds...
If it has to be an inanimate object, then I suggest Danni(?) Minogue's botox addled face. Good vid probably and about the same level of acting ability as the average porno!
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