If you could shag anyone who would it be?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by asdf2204, Sep 20, 2004.

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  1. Anyone at all, not nessacarly famous, but of course if you say that bird who works in the local offy, then we woun't know what shes like, unless you got a pic to post.

    I'm going to start the ball rolling with a couple, I'd do if got the chance.

    That bird who plays Karen McDonald in Coronation Street, she looks like a rite dirty slag, she'd be up for anything ;)

    Michaela Strachan :D

    Carol Smillie, MILF :twisted:
  2. Ohhh, theres so many!!!

    Melissa Joan Hart - dirty

    Stephanie Swift (fave porn star :D 8O )

    Kate Garroway - GMTV MILF

    I could go on and on really, a pulse is generally the only requirement these days :evil:

  3. And she looks like she needs a fcuking good wash. Nothing more off putting than the aeroma of wee

  4. OHHHGHH! Dribble, dribble. :oops:

    Mason Marconi- Pornstar.

    Asia Carrera - Pornstar

    Rachel Stevens -
  5. my boss, and some of the dirty sounding birds on the end of the phone at HQ :p
  6. Mucus, well you know your boss, so give her a go, ask her ;)
  7. very tenpted sometimes, especially when i score points at thing snooker or hat hanger spotting. :lol:
    not too sure if she's up for filming though :p
    have to ask i suppose.
    he who dares, shags rodney :p
  8. Blessed baby cakes. You're guaranteed a good scoff afterwards and besides, there's fcuk all wrong with a fat lass. Just like riding a moped.........great fun (but you wouldn't want you're mates to see you on it.) 8)

    I wouldn't shag Dale. Her acne is very disturbing.
  9. I aint ever seen a pic of Dale but she could rub acne on me anyday,it must e like them love bumps on their ann summers cock replacers lol, the person(s) whi want to give a good rootin are 1 Kirsty Young off channel 5 news and that Sian Lloyd of the weather, im not a fan of the welsh in general but the "come on boy ,explore my valley" could swing the balance!

  10. Vinny Jones, Ruez, Martin Kemp, Ross Kemp, (must be something about the word Kemp) erm 101 dalmatians???? :wink: :lol:
  11. I'm sure her other half , who is an Arrse member,will be thrilled to bits lol :oops:

    Hmmmm Joely Richardson every time

    Kylie of course

    Cindy Crawford

    Phillipa Forester back in the day

    Michaela Strachan - Good call

    Gail Porter

    Cameron Diaz - OH GOD YES YES YES

    I'm sure there are others ,but I can't think of anything past 6 minutes and 32 seconds into "The Mask"

    Lippy - I see you forgot to mention me again?
  12. dream on PTP 8)
  13. Why? Is he into 3 ways?