If you could read only one book....

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by mortars2cg, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Talking to 'She That Casts No Shadow ' the other day about books that we have read in the past.
    I was unsurprised by how little she had read.I was reeling some modern day classics of to her but to no avail,she hadn't heard of most of them ,let alone read them.

    She said 'If I could read only one book ,what would you reccommend?'

    I said 'Of Mice And Men'.
    If you had to recommend only one book what would it be.
    Sorry if this has been posted before.
  2. 'Chickenhawk' by Robert Mason.

    Bob was an American Warrant Officer pilot during the Vietnam conflict. He flew over 1000 combat missions.

    His storytelling is riveting, and the attention to flying detail puts you next to him, as he chucks his Huey helicopter around lead filled skies, the blood of his wounded comrades sloshing around behind him.

    You will believe absolutely, that you can fly a chopper after reading this book.

    I read probably 5 books a week, and have done for years, and this is the only book that I've ever read more than twice.
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  3. I would agree . I also have read it twice even to the extent of buying it twice, bought it in 87 took it with me when I joined up, got lent out a lot the return spring obviously snapped on it never ever saw it again. Would recommend this a lot , it's good honest story telling without the big timming .

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  4. Damn, only one? And without pictures... It would be a toss up between Len Deighton's "Goodbye, Mickey Mouse" or Wu Ch'eng-en's "Monkey". Neither of them are life changing or earth shattering, but they're a couple of books I've had for years and can read again at any time. I'll for "Goodbye, Mickey Mouse".
  5. Good book,read it a few times myself.Another one in a similar vein is a book called,I think, 'Once we were warriors'
  6. mortars. 'We were soldiers once, and young' ?

    les Miserables for me.
  7. terroratthepicnic

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    I have been giving this some thought and even put the same question to the guy's in the office.

    Someone mentioned James Joyce Ulysses, another would have to choose a history book of sorts.

    Others that were mentioned were Catch 22 and 1984.

    For me I couldn't pick one book, so I would have to opt for the Inheritance Cycle series. It is 4 books, but I think that is because it is too large to be 1 book.
  8. Only one book?
    The Neverending Story!
  9. Think it would be a tie between 'Of Mice And Men' and 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. Closely followed by 'Lord Of The Flies'.
  10. The Heart of Darkness and Other Tales by Joseph Conrad- reading it at the moment, and I'm already hooked. Either that or Candide by Voltaire, which is hilarious in its ridiculousness and pessimism.
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  11. My choice would have be 'Shogun' by James Clavel. You don't read the book, you live it!

    It was a bloody travesty when the film was made.
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  12. Get a grip of yourselves:

  13. Tom Sharpe - Riotous Assembly
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  14. I'd go with Lord of the Rings.
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  15. i'd probabaly be the same.

    its too hard just to choose one but this is something i've read 10+ times so has to be it. i also find midgets amusing.