If you could have only 1 rifle to do it all...(UK-legal)

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Rick_Cochet, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. If you could have only 1 rifle to do everything i.e.

    -Target practice / marksmanship,
    -rabbits, deer etc
    -Reliable / not hard to maintain
    -power, range & AVAILABILITY of ammunition
    -Something to help defend you and your family if the world went tits up. (aka TEOTWAWKI scenario).

    any other important factors I'm missing out here?

    I ask because although I think my future firearms ownership will be much like my instrument ownership (i've got lots of guitars / drums etc) - I generally like to cover as many bases with the least amount of kit possible.

    Saying this, I'll probably start with something like an Enfield no4 as that seems to be a highly recommended starter rifle (unless you guys can recommend something better?)

  2. Very little wrong with a No4, but there are not many who would consider it a good choice for deer stalking.

    It rather depends on your budget, but a heavy barreled varmint rifle in 0.243 or 0.308 would hit most of the bases. If it were me, I would go as follows:

    On a budget: Howa varmint thumbhole sporter.

    Fairly expensive: Riflecraft TSR1 or RPA Interceptor.

    No expense spared: Custom rifle built on a Surgeon action with detachable magazine.
  3. Nothing fancy, the old 303, never let you down.
  4. What about .303 ammo availability & (if there's only ancient stuff left) reliability?

    Also, what's the range / power / accuracy of a .303 round like + what variables are there (in terms of type of .303 round)?
  5. You will struggle to find a rifle that ticks all the boxes but a Steyr Scout is something like.

    Subject to ammunition availability I'd be quite happy with a No.4.

    A No.4 sporter in 7.62 gets very close to the ideal. Custom rifle though.....
  6. Ex-Stab, would you be so kind as to enlighten me on your reasoning on both the rifle and the ammunition (in both cases)...

    Also, how would I go about getting a no.4 sporter cusomised for 7.62 rounds, and would it be every bit as good / reliable / accurate etc as the no.4 standard?

  7. I use a No.4 for stalking. It has a shortened fore end and a scope fitted but is otherwise standard.

    303 kills deer well.
  8. Bit pricey, but I'm very pleased with my Armalon AL42 in 5.56mm. RG 5.56 is quite a lot cheaper than , say, Privi 0.303 and I think it is likely to be available for quite a while. That being said, I'm not sure it would do for larger game and it might be a bit much for rabbits - but I doubt if anything would really do for both.
  9. Wow, the armalon does seem like a great option!

    I have some questions though which are fairly embarrassing but I'm sure they can be answered in 5 seconds and then I'll be 2% more knowledgeable!

    1) Why is it .223 instead of .308? What are the benefits of that? (in terms of availibility and pricing of the round, power + range + accuracy of the round)... The ignorant / machismo part of my inner idiot always favours large calibres, but that is because I have zero knowledge or experience on the subject.

    2) They mention ".223/5.56" and ".308/7.62" together - is that becase .223 is the exact same round as 5.56 and .308 is the exact same round as 7.62?

    3) There doesn't seem to be much info on this rifle that I can find online - how would I know that I'm buying a quality firearm? - For circa £1k am I going to get something that will last 50+years and be every bit as good towards the end of that period as it is from day 1?
  10. Personally, I'm of the opinion that there's no such thing as over-kill - dead is dead. But there's certainly such thing as inadequate ammunition - that being said, I've got literally no idea about the current (and future) availibility of any kind or round - nor do I really know anything about what round is going to provide more power / range / accuracy etc....
  11. Also, I just downloaded the price-guide for the AL42, and frankly I'm overwhelmed with a bunch of options there. I've got no idea what each one is, or how it would benefit me if I was to have a 1-rifle-to-end-them-all setup........................any help? 8O
  12. you dont wanna put ex mil 556 into a 223 sporter,nor 762 in a 308 ,all will chamber and fire,556 designed for semi auto weapons needing higher pressures to operate properly,chambers machined tolerances different,proof houses recognising the differences.go down your local range and borrow a 338 ultra mag ,fire 10 rounds and see if you still wanna play,(for the not so clever,the difference between a 338 win mag and the 338 ultra mag is the distance,the distance the length your ******** travels up your body,win mag only to your waist,ultra mag ,it stops at your neck ,like a necklace,i should have known this before i bought both,now my sphincter muscle just collapses on closing the bolt
  13. Well, here goes on a couple of points concerning the AL42:

    1 Quality and reliability The engineering of the Armalon modifications seems to me to be equal to the standard of the original No4 Mk2 parts it is based on - but I'm not an armourer and I may be kidding myself. The only thing I'm a little unsure about is the Mini14 magazine modification. It is a little tricky to fit to the rifle until you get the knack, and the mag well is as original, so in hard conditions, dirt could get in around the mag.

    However, the thing is designed as a target rifle, so it may not be the ideal SHTF weapon. It depends how much you want to compromise, I suppose.

    2 5.56/0.223etc No doubt about it, 5.56 is not exactly the same as 0.223, just as 7.62 is not the same as 0.308. In the case of the AL42, I have a purpose manufactured fluted heavy barrel; Peter Sarony advised me to get a FAC variation so that the calibre read '5.56mm/0.223"' - I would thus be able to buy either - and the implication was that either was perfectly safe to use. There may be sighting issues, of course, but I suppose you could avoid that by sticking to one or the other. Actually, I haven't fired mine beyond 100 yards yet. At that distance it is phenomenally accurate.

    3 Ideal calibre The reason I don't think there is an ideal single calibre is the difference between defensive/military shooting and hunting for the pot. If you want to knock a man down, I understand 7.62 to have the edge on 5.56. However, if you want any meat left on a rabbit after you have shot it, a head shot with a .22 may be your best option. If you want to kill a deer for the table, a head shot at close range with a .22 will do the job, but you had better be spot on. A 5.56 will give you a better chance at a longer range, but again, probably only for a head shot. A 7.62 will do the job better overall. 5.56 seems like a good compromise to me, but only if you are accurate. You could use it on bunnies and have some edible meat left, you could use it on deer at short range and you could use it on bad people too.

    4 TEOTWAWKI/SHTF and all that stuff Actually, I wouldn't mention any of this in the hearing your firearms licensing department if I were you. It's more than a bit OTT.
  14. Note -- you cannot legally shoot deer with, in practical terms, anything less than a 243 Winchester.