If you could have five minutes in a locked room .......

Kick her in the face. Try and improve her looks. Everyone called Kerry turns out to be a fucking minger.


Set fire to its whole extended family, and then phone 999 800 times one after the other in order to block the line and Hey Presto!
Glad they put the street name in the report... there is only one house on it.

Unless she lives in the factory.

Seems she must be seriously unbalanced in the head.
Woah woah tiger. Any chance of changing the title of the thread to "Which member of ARRSE would you like to have five minutes in a locked room with"?

Or shall I do it myself, you lazy shit?
I'd ask her what I could do to help her regardless of the fact I knew she was a time wasting wretch because I'm not allowed to drop kick such half wits through their wide screen TV's.
Im hoping to spend my 5 minutes with all of you... showing you things

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