If you could get payed in anything other than money...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Slates, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Roman soldiers used to get paid in salt instead of money, If you could get paid in anything other than money what would it be?

    I am thinking copious amounts of porn :D
  2. Am I allowed to ask for gold/silver/platinum ingots? or is that too close to money?

    The way that petrol prices are going I'll take a few hundred litres of unleaded each month.
  3. Salt.

    And I'd like to wear a leather skirt and sandals and march up and down a fcuk off big wall in the North of England.

    Oh, and watch lions eating Christians.
  4. Oil. 10 barrels a day would do nicely, failing that beer. No changed my mind Beer 1st then oil. No F*ck it half beer and half oil! OK Beer it is then. A barrel a day would do me thanks.
  5. Cohiba Siglo III's.
  6. Blow jobs by a fit secretary. That would do me nicely!!
  7. Guinness & Porn... A man needs no more to survive
  8. Now if it had to be material goods then i will take a diffrent car every day so i never get bored, but otherwise i thing i would demand 10 pints of stella, pie and chips and a blow job from the Queen (please dont hang me your majesty).
  9. touche, she'd have to wear glasses :twisted:
  10. Count me in on this one :D
  11. Food, beer and sex slaves... naturally! :twisted:
  12. But which would be your main salary and which your bonus/overtime :?
  13. Tough one this...

    But I would have to say the black stuff for my main wage... after all - even porn gets a bit boring after a while.
  14. Morrison's Pork and Apple Sausages.
  15. Got to agree with Guiness, it is liquid bread after all, would pay be performance related though. Could backfire with hard workers constantly P***** therefore not productive and skivvers on half a pint a week sitting around complaining.

    Yours Soberly