If you could do something illegal what would it be?.........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. If you could do something that was totally illegal without fear of being caught/charged/imprisoned what would you do?
    Your only allowed one "crime" so make it a good one!
  2. Coup d’état
  3. "Borrow" the space shuttle and doc with the international space station... set that to crash back to earth on Swansea... come back to earth and send off for my newly cleaned driving licence.
  4. suicide

    no fear of retribution
  5. And put Liz in charge

    We have a winner
  6. ...but if you help me with mine, we can both have what we want!
  7. Wage a genocidal war aginst the French.
  8. A mega million pound blag, a la Brinks Mat or Great Train Robbery.

    That would give me enough cash to be able to do, and get away with, various other things of a slightly dodgy nature. It would also give me a certain "je sais exactly quois" that would make me irresistible to gorgeous young members of the opposite sex.

    Sad old fantasist that I am.
  9. I take my last one back

    I like this one

    a lot
  10. Putting George W Bush face down on the table in the oval office before shoving a pace stick up his ARRSE whilst getting him to say, 'I got it wrong on WMD and I'm sorry for the sandpit'!

    If only......
  11. no problemo... date and time ... shall I bring sarnies?
  12. Perhaps I could refer you here, from 6 May 05 (at 1:27 p.m.) 8)
  13. lol I thought your post might be something along those lines CNM. So your not going to the USA for your holidays this year then?
  14. A coup d’état is only illegal if it fails. If it's successful the new regime will deem it entirely justified.
  15. The ONLY way I'd go there is in the lead bombed-up tank of an armoured division! That being said, being a stone and a half on the chubby side, I could always go there and look slim and fit....