If you could change one thing....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheBrave, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. About the army, or anything at all what would it be....
  2. Green - I hate the colour !
  3. I'd have given Paddy my SLR on a cold winter's night in Belfast, so he could do the ******* job properly.
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  4. Stop ***** complaining about the Royal Corps of Signals!
  5. You mean disband it?

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  6. Get the raf regiment in a tv studio and get them, one by one , live on national tv,to admit that they joined that unit because they were too chicken shit to join a proper unit.
  7. Stop ***** complaining about the Royal Corps of Signals!
  8. The rape laws.
  9. .
    Change the foot you halt on. I can't never remember after a particularly long leave.
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  10. not bothered with Bowman and procured COTS harris equipment!
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  11. That ain't gonna happen until it gets disbanded! Probably still go on then..

  12. Pay as you dine aka save as you starve.
  13. worn a condom.
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