If you could be in any soap?...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by numbered_3, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. numbered_3

    numbered_3 Crow

    ...It's gotta be Hollyoaks! The chicks in that just keep getting more and more edible, fcuk me i'd be like a peadophile in a playground, I'd even give the guy's in that soap a dry seeing to, just to subdue their jumped up ego's!
    Speaking of dry bumming what happened to the guy that got dry bummed on Hollyoaks?
    Has he moved on to Childrens BBC, a case of the abused becoming the abuser?
  2. Same for me but, i think i would prefer Hollyoaks after dark, the program not the time of day.

    Would love to throw one up Gemma Atkinson. :)

  3. Biscuits_AB

    Biscuits_AB Guest

    Corrie. Just so that i can have some of Betty's 'hotpot' and then do her and Deirdre's mum over then bar in front of Liz McDonald, who would be bound and gagged on the pool table, knowing that as soon as I've withdrawn from Betty's hoop, it's going straight in her (Liz's) mouth.
  4. doesn't delicious Cilla get some of your special lovin' Biscuits??
  5. Green_Homer

    Green_Homer War Hero

    whichever is used by the hollyoaks girls to lather themselves with in the shower...........................................

    Don't worry didn't even get out of the taxi.. :D
  6. The Archers.

    All that farmyard action......fnarrr

    oh......and I "like" tractors :thumleft:
  7. numbered_3

    numbered_3 Crow

    Tractors....hmmm, Sure its got nothing to do with the animals!

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  9. Fulbert_Fux

    Fulbert_Fux Clanker

    Biscuits, the Rovers doesn't have a pool table ! Err so I'm told by the wife ! For me it would be Emmerdale and that posh widow bird - dirty.
  10. Biscuits_AB

    Biscuits_AB Guest

    Nah, she's just too rough. I'd do her mate though. Now, she is NAAFI standard if ever I saw one.
  11. taff_dee

    taff_dee Old-Salt

    it would have to be neighbours cos i want to do sky mangle up the wrong un with a bit of susan kennedy after.
  12. numbered_3

    numbered_3 Crow

    If only cartoons came into this category too!
    Spongebob squarepants, imagine trying to airlock him! It'd take near enough a battalion!
  13. whit_RE

    whit_RE War Hero



    i would young or old :numberone:
  14. Imperial Leather, there is no substitute.
  15. jimnicebutdim

    jimnicebutdim Old-Salt

    Eastenders....I want to watch as Dot and Sonia get it on in some sort of incestuous lesbian tryst. Stacey Slater looks like the sort of girl that would do ANYTHING to please her man!!!