If you could be any character of The Bill who would you be??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lancesargeantjonesy, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Ok after a rather pished session on the chat we got round to talking about the bill and the in our pissed states we asked who would be who?So in the intrest of peace I started this thread.......Who would you be???
    The popular opinion seemed to be that I was Micky Web the gwa that got turd burgled so post who you think you would be.
  2. Gina Gold :)
  3. Burnside. I am not aware of any other characters of depth or substance.
  4. Actually ptp - you were nicknamed Phil Hunter, on account of you always chasing skirt.
  5. Reg Hollis probably. Runs like he has a carrot up his arrse.

    Have you noticed in the Bill that they always give the crooks a head start of about fifty yards and shout Oi! before pursuing said crook?
  6. Moody you look more like Tosh


  7. Actually, we awarded Dale the title of Tosh Lyons, what with them both having booze soaked livers and strange hair do's.

    I was given the title of June Ackland, the serial rape victim. She loves it up her that June.
  8. I like to think that Moody would be one of the Toms from "dahn the Jasmin Allen", complete with black eye, bad perm, fake leopard skin minidress/ denim jacket combo and suspicious substance dripping off her chin.

    Is that just me then?

  9. That title is taken, Manchestercop is Reg Hollis personified.

    You can be Bob Cryer or some other old cnut.

  10. We are talking about who we would be in The Bill, not what we look like in real life.
  11. Rather be that new dude DS Nixon is fit
  12. Didn't Bob get shot or are you trying to tell me something? :D
  13. I don't watch The Bill so don't know any of the characters but I'd be the newly promoted pug ugly short haired black lesbian single parent with big tits and an attitude. There must be one.
  14. Ok you are odd can't remember her name but go for it.
  15. Burnside or that fat CID bloke with the very bad taste in shirts and gambling problem.