If you child lives abroad, what rights of acces do I have?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by carlbcfc, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Things are getting messy with the ex of my oldest kid. I lost contact around xmas due to her taking the piss and not giving me the right phone number.
    Just found her on of all the places.... facebook.

    It looks like ill have to go the legal route but i have not got a clue.
    Where do I stand legally with access to a child abroad?

    They live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  2. All depends what Saudi law says mate.
  3. Forgot to add...the kids is 7, he was born here and im on the birth certificate. she only went last year. Does that make much difference?
  4. I suggest that you nip into your local solicitor's office and ask there.
  5. If he is 7 and you are birth certificate, then IRC you have parental responsibility shared with the mother.

    This means that you have a say and authority over schooling, medical treatment and where the child lives.

    She technically should have discussed the move to a different country with you first. I'd see a solicitor asap as I think you have a case here.
  6. We did discuss the move and I agreed under the condition of regular phone calls, and access when she came back on hols which she didnt. She went off with her husband and her other kid who's dad she also "lost contact" with.

    Thanks for the link ill have a look
  7. Do you have a separation agreement?

    Where (Country) are you staying at present and how long have you been there?

    Were you ever married and if so were you divorced? (you mention her new "husband" - was she formally married to him?)