If you can't have a gingerbread man, you can't have a guardsman/Craftsman/ Rifleman

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. So says Lt Col Avril Bridgeman (or should that be Bridgeperson or Sapper perhaps), the officer leading the equality and diversity drive for HQLF.

    In this months (April) soldier magazine, will try to find a link - good to see MOD can find money to fund this important initiative :roll:

    Got to be an April Fool thing.
  2. Here you go chummy:

    SOLDIER APR 2011

    I posted it in the April Fools thread earlier.
  3. But you can have a gingerbread man. Except, apparently, at some bakers' chain called "Ainsleys". Although, I must admit that I never saw them in the mess at Andover?
  4. I'm a bit slow today, I only realised when I added the date :slow: :scratch:

    MODs please delete
  5. Well as it's April 2nd I can point out that Man is the Species and that Male and female are the two Genders.

    Once a Craftyman.
  6. You see you laugh at this...

    Anyone like to guess what a Pte WAS called in the Royal Corps of Signals? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't Signaller like it is now.
  7. Let me guess, was it C**T?
  8. ....still is!