If you are in Paris next week-end (13-14 JUL).......

Discussion in 'Travel' started by fantassin, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. ....you may consider watching the Bastille day parade which will feature, among other FRA units, Malian and Chadian soldiers who took part in the recent Mali Op against AQIM.

    Details on the parading units can be found here:


    The FRA MoD dedicated website with all the armed forces related activities over the week-end such as the Foreign Legion parade in the Luxembourg gardens is here:

    14 juillet 2013 - Les coulisses du défilé

    This is a list of some of the hardware that will parade on 14 JUL starting at 1000L on the Champs Elysées:

    AMX 10 RC

    Camion équipé d’un système d’artillerie (CAESAR)

    Camion-remorque blindé de type KERAX G430


    Disperseur de mines antichar courte portée (MINOTAUR)

    Engin du génie d’aménagement (EGAME)


    Matériel d’amélioration de la traficabilité des sols (MATS)

    Petit véhicule protégé (PVP)

    Véhicule blindé de combat d’infanterie (VBCI)

    Véhicule blindé léger (VBL)

    Véhicule blindé léger à châssis long (VBLL)

    Véhicule de l’avant blindé (VAB)

    Véhicule léger de reconnaissance et d’appui (VLRA)

    There will also be a fly past by Rafale, M-2000s, A-400M, Tiger etc.

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  2. And there will be ONE Brit in the parade....an Bootneck doing an exchange with the FRA 9 Amphibious Bgde...

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