If you are going to crash a Police car...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. make sure it isn't the departments Lamborghini ( Link it was the departments pride and joy.

    Wouldn't want to filling out the FMT3 for that one.
  2. I REALLY wouldn't want to be the fella that cut them up.

    But, on a related point. Why is it that foreign Police forces get cars like these:

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  3. And we get:

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  4. Essex Police don't do too bad with the Evo X

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  5. Is that not a toy/model??
  6. My mistake :blush: that one is but this one isn't
  7. Illegal number plate,surely?
  8. well we do not do too badly either really.......

    edited once for being a technobif!

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  9. Bugger....misfire
  10. There was a spate a few years ago where a number of drug dealers cars were treated to the battenburg paint job after being seized. Not sure if that is still the case though.
  11. OK so we've got three of them, not sure you had to show us the whole fleet though :wink:
  12. Sorry...your right...forgot the Chief Constables car!! :roll:

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  13. You wouldn't guess that Glous Plod is a rural force, we have L200 pick ups, like the one below, but without the back box :roll:

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  14. At one time this was common...

    ...until the plod realised that to keep a Ferrari on the road cost about 8-12,000 quid a year more than a standard car, was not reliable and had huge fuel bills as well (servicing is rather expensive and a copper with an eager right foot = new clutch every 15,000km = 8-10,000 Euros).

    Most you see nowadays are for PR purposes: both for the police and the car manufacturer. From personal experience of being hunted down on the autobahn, there is no point in having a super fast car: you cannot outrun a radio, and the cars forming a rolling road-block don't need to be super fast. It is also exceptionally difficult (impossible) to sustain extreme high speeds on a normal road during daylight. On the 2006 Gumball I was caught twice: first was not by the BMW M5 police car that I went past at 2 in the morning (at just under 180mph), but by the 3 Audi A6 diesels 15km further down the road who had been informed that I would be there in a couple of minutes (they were actually very nice about it and after 30 minutes allowed me to proceed).

    One of the very few exceptions to the problems about using 'supercars' as police motors are Porsche 911 (and probably Panameras in due course) thanks to having small engines (3.something litres as opposed to 5 or 6 litre Italian and American jobs) combined with practicality (4 seats) as well as one of the most important factors: reliability. They still are not that cheap to service though...
  15. Surely theres a psychological factor about the visible appearance of Police cars though?

    Doesn't something like an Evo, Monaro or US muscle car have a more dramatic effect on potential lawbreakers than a 1.4ltr Astra diesel?