if you are Christian... dont bother whinging

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. I watched all that, very good. I really must start drinking earlier.
  2. Ok, I won't whinge. Although I didn't intend doing so.
  3. Whingeing isn't really very meek, is it?
  4. Fitting in nicely then E?
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  5. Look up Rodney Rude. Even better.
  6. Jesus loves you and will forgive your blasphemy views. Beg forgiveness or you will burn in an eternal hell of fire and pain.
  7. Erm, ok.
  8. I lasted 1 minute - bugger watching the other 8.30-odd...Breaker Morant was funnier than that.
  9. Better than the wet wipes British comedy is producing at the moment.
  10. Praise the Lord, Goatrutar has said ok.

    In the year of our Lord and Almighty 2012, let it be known that Goatrutar is a Prophet.
    Fiery damnation eternity in Hell is for the none believers.
  11. I liked that
  12. Finally someone has recognised the truth. I am a prophet, fucking peace and blessings be upon me. If you martyr yourself in my name you shall go to Surfers Paradise in the company of 7 milfs.
  13. I doubt it, Valhalla for me along with an eternity of fighting, whoring and drinking mead.
  14. Mead gives me a bad haed.