If you absolutely had to fill a mass grave...

Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by bernoulli, Jun 15, 2004.

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  1. Fantasy Genocide. ( A bit like Room 101, but with more screams of pain and terror, and lots and lots of spent brass.)
    Excuse the misanthropy of this post, but I have a hangover. If the country fell under a fascist dictatorship, and you had to carry out a mass-killing before you could go weekenders, who would you like most to see lined up along the lip of the trench awaiting a round to the back of the skull?
    Apart from the most obvious contenders, IE nearly all the past and present contestants off Big Brother, this is my wish list of people who's NOK would be receiving a bill for cartridge, 9mm, x1:

    1.people who dial 999 because they cannot program their video-recorder
    2.Portsmouth's Chav population
    3.Everybody who drives into the West Country during Bank Holidays and throws McDonalds wrappers and bottles of p*ss out of the window of their cars along the A30
    4.Everyone who has ever committed road-rage, or looks like they might. ( a good catch all, that).
    5.People who buy houses near airfields, and then start dripping about the noise.
    6.Portsmouth's Chavs, again. (just a quick burst into the bottom of the trench to make sure)
    7.People who commit genocide..oops :roll:

    We will walk on a road of bones!
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  2. have we already got rid of the obvious? the governmentals?

    note NOT civil servants!
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  3. Jehovah's Witnesses
    MSPs/Euro MPs/MPs
    Social Workers/"Human Resources Specialists"/"Lifestyle Coaches"
    Telesales Scum
    Maniac Street Preachers(not the musical ensemble but the real thing)
    Chavs of every hue
    "personal" stereo users on public transport
  4. 1. Fat women who wear crop-tops, leggings or other unsuitable clothing
    2. Yoofs in hooded tops lurking in town centres (and anywhere else)
    3. Footballers
    4. Caravanners
    5. Newcastle's charvers
    6. Max Power readers, and anyone who drives around with loud bass pumping out of a crap car
    7. The French
    8. People who hog the middle lane of the motorway
    9. People who drive with fog lights on when there's no fog
    10. Ethnic 'community leaders'
    11. Social workers
    12. Inconsiderate Walkman wearers
    13. People who write in txt language when not sending a text message
    14. Rappers
    15. Piers Morgan and other tabloid journos

    That should do to be going on with....
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  5. 1. Any MP with another job.
    2. Drivers that undertake on multi-lane roads.
    3. Racists.
    4. Any professional sportsman or woman that doesn't make full use of their talent.
    5. Bleeding heart liberals.
    6. The obscenely obese.
    7. Stick insect supermodels.
    8. Any fundamentalist.
    9. Parents that blame "The teachers".
    10. The w**ker who nicked my pint in a crowded pub last weekend.
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  6. Leave room for:

    Adams and McGuinness.

    Skinner and Baddiel.
  7. 1. Volvo drivers
    2. LNV
    3. BB and her other incantations (would alone fill a mass grave)
    4. Caravanners (ban the van)
    5. people who pull out in front of you and drive at 5mph
    6. Micheal Ball
    7. Mi.com

    • 1. The RAF
      2. The Italians
      3. People who go bowling
      4. Liberal Democrats
      5. Cat Lovers
      6. Attractive women who won't sleep with me
      7. Ugly women
      8. Idiot teenagers with excessively baggy slow-slung jeans
      9. Pizza delivery cretins on mopeds
      10. Snorers
      11. People who walk around with their mobile phones clamped to the side of their heads.
      12. Anyone else who I don't like that I may have temporarily forgotten
  8. I hadn't realised I disliked so many groups of people...

    1. 4x4 'school run' drivers
    2. Minicab drivers
    3. Cyclists who ride on the pavement
    4. All other cyclists, esp those wearing ludicrously tight clothing
    5. The BFGVLO
    6. 103FM disc jockeys
    7. 'young offenders'
    8. Media Studies students and tutors
    9. Bodybuilders
    10.Estate agents
  9. 1. Blondebint

    2. Olive Green

    3. Netley Nurse

    4. Lady Lardy

    5. Any name Blondebint conjures up (including Susie)
  10. 1. All the other players in Euro 2004 (that way, England may actually win a game).
    2. Whoever dreamt up the new Vehicle Tax scheme (no good for people on tour).
    3. All of the excellent suggestions above this post.

    VB - I definitely agree with 'BFGVLO'
    Badd - it's 'SREBRENICA'

  11. 1.the orange lodge.
    3.sinn fein
    4.in fact any f**king terrorist masquerading as a politician
    7.kiddie fiddlers
    8.drug dealers who prey on kids before they're old enough to make informed choices.
    9.anyone who got their job out of the guardian.
    10.charvs/neds whatever you call you're local gang of pre pubescent oiks.
    we're gonna need a sh**load more ammo.
    anyone know a good plant op. we're gonna have to extend this pit. :)
  12. Whos' that? :roll:
    Only 5 you've missed then Gunny :wink: :lol:
    Forget the rest Baddass...susie is as real as they come :wink:
    This thread is incredibly offensive :? but/so here's mine :twisted: -
    1. Holocaust deny-ers
    2. Zimbabwe's President Mugabe
    3. Child molesters
    4. Rapists
    5. Racists
    6. Townies/chavs
    7. President Bush
    8. Senior Masons
    9. The grey men who really run the planet
    10. Men who hit women
    11. Gay pride organisers
    12. Major Bastarrd
    13. Majors with no shame who disgrace the army on 'who wants to be a millionaire'
    14. Prostitutes
    15. Men who use prostitutes
    16. People with no manners
    17. all those who talk in libraries
    18. Adulterers
    19. sporty spice
    Bloody hell I'm going to stop there- I'm enjoying this far too much! :twisted:
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  13. 1. jehovah witnesses
    2. traffic wardens
    3. children
    4. ugly birds
    5. telesales wankers
  14. 1. People who stand on slugs.
    2. Skinny birds.
    3. Fat birds.
    4. Susie and all her ilk.
    5. The bloke in the "attack attack" advert.
    6. People who walk in one direction and look in the other when you are shopping.
    7. Freaks.
    8. Susie ( have I said that already?)
    9. Scousers.
    10. Mancs.

    I could go on for ever.....
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