If we had a union Brothers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by catbreath, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Dear Prime Minister, Me and my esteemed colleagues will gladly go along with your latest jaunt, you do understand however that we will drop the first shifty looking slightly suspicious raghead we spot on sight. We will also deal with in the 'appropriate' manner any gobby "I KNOW MY RIGHTS - YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME" wanker otherwise known as Civvies. Should you not agree to this somewhat robust approach - can I suggest you get some poorly paid, dole dodging, asylum seekers to do the job instead. Yours truly - About to get divorced for the second time because YOU'VE cancelled my post tour leave with my kids!!! xxx
  2. So it's the PM's problem you're shite at holding down a relationship? You and robbeaus should have a meet, He's a whining cunt too.
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  3. We shoot mutineers.

  4. A whining cunt......Well if ever there was an example of the 'pot calling the kettle a slightly off white colour'............
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Unions are many things but I don't think they can stop your missus leaving you.
  6. Unless your hammer is called 'union'
  7. Shoot them? i suppose that's progress...

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  8. Without wanting to sound sick and twisted (anymore than usual) I'd actually like to see what would happen when they go boom.
  9. Well, on the evidence in that picture you get a huge enquiry for institutional racism and apologise in about 200 years and give shedloads of foreign aid that you cannot afford and they neither need or want?

    Am I near?
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  10. Ah, the good old days...:twisted:
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  11. Several people here are missing the point. When a government, elected by the people fails to govern, there may be strife. This may involve the army stepping in to cover essential services.

    When a private sector company, with a proven track record of failure requiring public , civil service or armed forces bailout time and time again fails to deliver on a £500m contract, I think it perfectly acceptable for the army, collectively and individually to tell that private sector company to go and fuck itself vigourously up it its own arsehole, and sort this shit out for themselves. Especially if said army personnel are on POTL.

    Don't forget that these private security firms, G4S included seek to supplant soldiers and public servants in every sphere they operate in. But when it gets difficult, unpleasant, or expensive they roll over and expect the the army/public/civil servant to step in and bail them out. They have a record for this internationally.

    Do you remember the snow at at the airports a couple of years ago? The suggestiona that UKLF be crashed out to clear the runways was derided on the basis that 'This is not a national emergency', just because some poshos could get to their ski chalets in chamonix does not constitute a crisis. No army personnel were dicked to clear snow.

    And now no Army personnel should be dicked for G4Ss monumental cock up.
  12. Sorry Catbreath old boy but when it comes to your lass you are OUT.
  13. It is of course unfortunate that because a PLC has screwed up members of the Arned Forces are going to have to step in and play Rent-A-Cop for the duration.
    However the Goverment, your Boss, needs to fill the gap and guess what? The Armed Forces fit the bill of people who can do the job.
    Those not willing to take part should be prepared to work for G4S or other civilian security company on a full time basis as they seem to have missed a major point of being in the Forces.
    Do what yer feckin' telt!
    Carry on whining.
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  14. According to some your last statement will fall on certain idiot's deaf ears, most even avoid & ignore the facts to allow it to spoil a good rant, others will just blame the Government for using the Army at such short notice rather than seek the blame at source.

    We elect these Honourable ladies & Gentlemen called MP's, even though they use & abuse and mismanage public funds & of expenses. However LOCOG Lord Coe & his cronies are as much to blame for this fiasco, instead of all his PR 2012 BS we've seen so much, while in the background an 'essential' service was being left unchecked & un-monitored until the last 2weeks before the games.

    I'm no Coalition fan, however blaming the Government is the easy (cop out) option....when it was a combination of LOCOG & G4S failure, and who else would step up to the mark & cover the Event's manpower issue's, all the unemployed? Students, possibly all the volunteers? who would you rather look after the Country in it's our of need due to sheer incompetence of a Private Sector Company who could'nt give a rat's arse as long as it a, won the contract. b, got paid??
  15. Sorry but that is bollocks.

    These G4S people are trying to supplant civil service and forces jobs all over the globe. Yes they are.

    Yet they require, all over the world, Forces personnel, public and civil servants, to bail them out when the heavily predicted and foreseen shit hits the fan. Time and time again.

    How many times does a fraud need to be demonstrated as a fraud before you accept its a fraud? G4S is a fraud.

    It's not that troops are required for national sports day I object to. It's that we have spent £500m on G4S and we still need troops. If we'd geared up troops to begin with, how much money would we have saved?
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