if ur WO has no time for you

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bubbles1, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. bubbles1

    bubbles1 Crow

    if ur WO has no time for u and sees u as a problem and u want to change units how do u about it ??????????
  2. h301593

    h301593 Crow

    Go onto the defence learning portal and take an English writing course, before writing a letter to your CO demanding a transfer.
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  3. Junglynx

    Junglynx Old-Salt

    Stop being a problem?
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  4. The only way is Essex springs to mind.
  5. Offer to suck him off and see if that helps him take an interest in you.

    If that doesn't work then kill yourself. That'll teach him.
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  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    A basic command of written English (including punctuation and grammar) would be a good place to start. As would not being the Unit Mong.
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    Request an interview with the next person in the chain of command or the RCMO, if ignored, phone any of these, Padre, SSAFA, any of the confidential help lines advertised in any of the service magazines. Inform him that you wish to submit a service complaint. Before you do all that knock on his door and ask for 5 minutes of his time and air your grievances you never know he in his busy day he may not even realise that you have a problem.
  8. If ur WO as no tme 4 u, wot ave u dun?
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  9. First of all, you need to fix your keyboard, as it appears that some keys ( Y O ) are malfunctioning.
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  10. AFA06

    AFA06 LE

    I always write direct to Soldier Magazine. Ensure you include his name and your unit (for clarity) and put your full contact details at the end of your letter (no-one likes the white feather brigade who withhold their names).
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  11. light_projector

    light_projector Old-Salt

    Play to your strengths. You sound like a punchy sort of fella so go round to ur WO's office and deck the twunt. It'll solve all your probs and everyone in your unit will know you are not going to stand for being bullied.

    (on the other hand you could take CAARPS advice)
  12. can you disclose more details please?
  13. h301593

    h301593 Crow

    His unit are bullying him because he is a brain dead mong, so he wants to transfer because he dosent have the balls to speak to his (I presume CSM?) WO.

    And !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Charlie Bronson

    Charlie Bronson Swinger

    I hope your WO smashing your grid in with a rifle and posts it on the Internet your dullard
  15. AFA06

    AFA06 LE

    From your post it appears you are twin dullards
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